Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seattle and Snow

Last night I was promised snow. Up to 4 inches of it. I even conveniently forgot my laptop at work. I was totally ready for a snow day. But of course nothing came of it, and instead I was handed a chilly rain.

I realize that those of you from colder climates scoff at the idea of a snow day with so little snow. But you haven't been to Seattle. The people here completely lose it at the slightest hint of the white fluffy stuff. Now you can blame this reaction on the hilly terrain, the lack of snow plows, or vehicles and drivers ill-equipped to deal with slippery streets. But I think the real problem is the local news. Those guys can fill an entire newscast with snow coverage, which they usually label with exciting names such as "Extreme Weather 2008" or "Icy Arctic Blast". In fact, they often extend their newscast to provide special coverage on the latest icy conditions. They'll station reporters at various spots throughout the Puget Sound Region to provide up to the minute reports on local conditions. There is video of cars sliding off the road or into ditches. Interviews with gleeful children enjoying the snow day. Important national or world events may be going on, but thanks to the all snow all the time news coverage we in Seattle will be ignorant of all this.

So despite my disappointment this morning, I figured that at least I would be spared the constant news stories. Unfortunately I was wrong. They sent one newscaster to Bellingham (basically the furthest north of Washington) in hopes of finding snow there. Instead all she found was rain despite the weatherman's assertions that the temperature there was 23 degrees. But nothing would deter the local newscasters from their snow coverage. They emphasized the dangers of snow mixed with rain. They spoke of convergence zones and reminded us that there may, somewhere, perhaps still be a pocket of snow left in the lowlands that had not come to their attention yet. They showed us picture after picture of the snow yesterday. They alerted viewers to check out the running tab of school delays and closures, although few districts listed much more than "limited bus transportation". They could be speaking of the State of the Union speech or the declining economy. But instead we got snow coverage minus the snow.

Soon winter will be over and then there will be spring floods to cover. Next will come summer heat waves when temperatures hit 80 or 90 degrees. Then the fall windstorms will sustain the local media until winter is once again upon us.

Well on other fronts in my household, Jeramy's stepdad got out of the hospital yesterday and is doing much better. It amazes me how cardiac care has reached a point where you can have a heart attack one day and then home and feeling much better 2 days later. And apparently "the growth" is still hanging out in my uterus although I have no symptoms to reassure me. But I've been checking my underwear for spotting incessantly and there has been nothing, which is a good sign I guess. The 2 weeks remaining until the ultrasound feel like an eternity at this point, especially given the turtle's pace of this last week. Operation keep Jen busy is obviously failing in its chief mission.


Katie said...

Yep, I live in the dreaded "convergence" zone. I was like a little child, hoping for some good snow this morning.

Nothing but yicky ol' rain.

CanadianMama said...

Hi Jen,
I think the snow thing is all relative. I was with some co-workers a while ago who were from Newfoundland and I walked into the lunch room to find themselves dying with laughter. The news was on, reporting a heavy snow fall warning for 15cm (which is a lot here). They said back home a heavy snow fall warning means that you have to jump out your second floor window because the snow is higher than your front door!?!
I also have friends in Vancouver who wake their kids up in the middle of the night if it snows because it only does that once a year!
Hopefully you will get your 4 inches soon :)

CanadianMama said...

ps. that underwear checking will fade. I did that too for about two months and now I can't remember the last time I thought about it.
Don't worry if you are symptom free mine didn't kick in until 6 1/2 weeks and I know lots of girls who never did get symptoms.
Congrats, you are going to be a great mom!

Kathy V said...

I know what you mean about the snow. I love the thought of getting snow. We haven't really had a "good" snow storm around here recently. The one or two inches everynow and then isn't even worthy to be called a snowstorm. We get the "Storm Tracker 2008" reports also. Many old people run to the store for milk, bread, eggs, and toilet paper. You know in case we can't get out for a week despite the snow plows and salt trucks that go out before we get the big storm. I guess the only thing people in Pennsylvania eat during a snowstorm is french toast because that is about all you can make with those three ingredients.

I am glad to hear that Mark is at home recovering. Glad to hear that the "growth" is still in there too.

Anonymous said...

That cracks me up. We're used to the mis-forcasting of snow in Nebraska, it happens all the time. But we get snow once or twice a week too. :)

I was in Seattle (for the first time ever) in November of 2006 for a work conference. While I was there it happened to be the wettest month in Seattle in the the history of record-keeping. I'm like how is this even possible?? The news people kept going on and on. And on and on and on about all the rain, when really I didn't think it was much different than some of our rain fronts that we get here. It made me laugh. :)

Maria said...

I dread getting snow. We've already had two nor'easters. That's enough for me.

Mel said...

I am so glad to hear your hubby's stepdad is ok and that the nice little uterus "growth" is still hanging in there. ;)

PS-I have protected my blog but would love to add you to the list of viewers, I just need your email address! Please send to me at melissazubik at tx.rr.com if you want!

Sunny said...

Yes, the weather reports here are hilarious! My favorite was the "experiment" that one roving reporter did the other day. She poured some water from her waterbottle onto the top of a garbage can... and reported back when it froze. LOL Thanks, that report was pure genius.

Jaime said...

LOL. I was enjoying the coverage yesterday morning on Q13. They had one gal in Lynnwood who was reporting on the "dirty slush" on the side of the roads that was oh so hazardous, and another guy in Issaquah reporting on the snow that was literally non-existent, but was saying how the wind was a problem for drivers now - WTF?? I just knew that there would be no snow when the news casts totally blew it out of proportion.

Glad to hear about Mark and the "growth" I like to think of it as your little bean. Maybe a little TMI about the underwear checking ;)

Barb said...

Whatever would they do without something to over-dramatize??!?! It is quite maddening isn't it? Here, they get VERY gleeful over "severe thunderstorm warnings," "Possible tornadoes," "torrential downpours," and "tropical storms that COULD swing our way and COULD turn into a hurricane if factor A,B,C and D line up when the sun is at its zenith on Tuesday!" It drives me nuts.