Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Name Game

Some girls have names picked out for their future children by the time they're 10. I on the other hand have just begun to think about it at 30. And based on the conversation Jeramy and I had tonight on this subject, coming up with a name might just take the remainder of my 9 months. Here are the names we've ruled out...

Aquanetta (I actually saw that name in People once)
Chuck (Jeramy really likes this one, but I'm putting my foot down)
Mr. T
Aqua Man

Any other ideas of names to avoid?


B said...

Elmo. I know it sounds cute and it'll be hard to resist but you must control yourself! ;)

Kathy V said...

Okay, I have just the list. I work in a hospital setting so every time I see a weird name I put it on the list to avoid using later. I'll give you just a few. Girls: Olive, LuLuBelle, Cleda, and Princess. Boys: Guy, Aloysius, Cloyd, and Herbert. There are lots more but these should probably be avoided. and YES, they have all been found on real people.

Kathy V said...

Oh yeah and I am really surprised that Rambo and Godzilla are on the list to avoid. I don't know why there aren't more Rambos and Godzillas running around out there. (I paired Rambo with my last name just to see how it sounds. I might hold on to that one. Just Kidding) This post really made me laugh.

Cece said...

Hulk. My husbands first choice. I think (!?!?!) he's joking. But you'd bette rnot steal our name!

: )

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

I was saving it for me, but I'll pass on the name that made Mr. JB and I laugh so much in the waiting room the nurse came to ask us if we were OK.


Katie said...

My mom and dad were both teachers, and they always had three names that they hated - because they swore that the kids that had these names were always ill-behaved. I actually like these names, but I know that they would have a FIT if I chose one (and my apologies to anyone who has these names):


Kathy V said...

Okay so I was thinking about this some more. If Hollywood Stars can use names of fruits as inspiration for their children's names then you should be able to also. So how does Banana Sound? Plus I really think it could be used for a Boy or a Girl! If that doesn't work how about Avocado? If those don't work, I guess you can always fall back on the previously used Apple.

Prairie Girl said...

Oh my gosh Kathy! You crack me up! Especially since I know someone who named their daughter Lemony! Seriously! We are already joking we will name our kid something like Orangee to make her feel better! LOL

There are MANY names to avoid, but also for me it's all about first names with middle names.

Avoid for sure:

Amanda Lynn....sounds like an instrument!!!

Maria said...

I want to stay away from any of the most popular names. I don't want my kid to have a really weird name, but I don't want them to be one of many in their classes.

Kelly said...

I agree...stay away from fruit!! I mean what are some of these people thinking??
One of my latest favs (from work/hospital): Brock Lee (now say it quick!!) Did they really want their child named after a veggie?? Poor kid! I like the name Brock but not with Lee.

Monica Fayth said...

There are a lot of really bad names out there. But, as a teacher, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone gives her kid a "normal" name but spells it really, really weird or when the name is completely un-pronouncable.

Barb said...

PRECIOUS. Gag me. I actually knew a girl named Precious.

Some other names of my family/friends to avoid:
Fleta Bernita
Apha Geraldine
Candace Cane (1st and last name.. and think of the nick name)
Crysta Chanda Lear (I guess they thought by using "CrystA" and not "CrystAL" they were being clever.)

Fun post!

Cheryl said...
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Barry said...

Yes, by all means get the list of "most popular names" and cross off the top 20 or so. There are 4 "Jakes" on my son's basketball team (my Jake being one of them). If we had ANY idea Jake was gonna be the most popular name of the 21st century we would have certainly chose something else. I can't remember our Jake being the only Jake in any class or sports team he's been on. Most kids go by "Jacob" though, which always prompt's our Jake to say "It's just "Jake"" now we call him "Just Jake". I must admit though that it's kinda funny to be at one of his basketball games and one of us parents will yell "Jake!" and half the team turns around.

Other names to avoid:


Oh and I hate names that can be used for both boys and girls (I'm soo old school):


My name suggestion:

Barry said...

Oh, and although I'd be honored...I would avoid "Barry". The constant misspellings - Berry, Barrie, Beari, Dork - are frustrating and ease of which the name can be abused - "Barrel" (ask aunt Cheryl), "Lord Barrymore", "Barry Manilow" and rhymed - "Barry the Fairy", "Harry Barry", "Scary Barry", "Barry Barry Barry...Bannana nanna fo ferry"

I know my mom and dad meant well, but man I wish my name was something cool like "Axel".

Kathy V said...

My husband was reading many of these comments over my shoulder and he and I were both cracking up. My favorite was Brock Lee. It was almost as bad as Banana. If were going with food, how about orangejello and lemonjello. That works, doesn't it?

Birdee said...

OMG! That’s hilarious, I love how you are coming up with names to avoid.
I think you should avoid names of fowl. But with a husband who loves to hung, you may enjoy the name Mallard (lol)

Birdee said...

ROFLMAO, I mean "HUNT" Not "HUNG", But thats another name to stay away from, Hung.