Monday, January 28, 2008

A Crazy Weekend

Jeramy's stepdad Mark had a heart attack on Saturday morning. We go the call from his sister while we were at the Outdoor Sportsman show in Puyallup, and immediately rushed to the hospital. They found that an artery near to the front of his heart was 100% blocked and did an angioplasty to clear it up. He was feeling much better after the procedure on Saturday afternoon, but we won't know for a little while how much damage may have been caused to his heart. Please keep Mark in your prayers so that he may have a speedy recovery and a healthy heart. This was his first heart attack and was really unexpected.

So that and a birthday party pretty much wiped Saturday out. Sunday Jeramy and I ran some errands and tried to lay low. Here are a couple pics of the better times from this weekend:

Jeramy helped our friends' son Ryan pain duck decoys at the Outdoor Sportsman show. Doesn't Jeramy look like he is having fun???

I started knitting a cardigan for the baby girl our friend Debbie is having in May. I absolutely adore the design which is from the Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman so I was pretty excited to get started on it. It is knit from the top down and almost seamlessly. So what you are looking at is the neck and shoulders. The pattern itself takes a little getting used to as the instructions are a little lacking..."pithy" is the word the author used. The yarn I'm using is Rowan cotton/wool blend, which is very soft and much easier to work with than plain cotton. Plus it is machine washable, which is a must when knitting for babies.


Nicky said...

Sorry to hear about the medical trouble, but glad things seem to be looking up.

Not sure if this is essentially the same pattern you're working from, but this is my very favorite baby sweater (I've made ~6 of them).
It is also knit from the neck down, and if you do the sleeves in the round, the only seam is the armpit.

Jen said...

It is a different sweater but a very similar approach in terms of technique I think. I really like the idea of not having to sew up a bunch of stuff at the end.

Barb said...

Best wishes to your Step-Dad. So sorry to hear about that. :(