Friday, January 4, 2008

Primed and Ready to Go

My CD12 ultrasound was this afternoon, and apparently letrozole works faster than clomid for me. Here are the stats:
  • Lining: 7.2mm (They told me this is on the lighter side but adequate. Any thoughts on this?)
  • Right Side: a few follies with the largest being 21.5mm
  • Left Side: one follie of 13mm
So they gave me the trigger shot, and we scheduled the IUI for late tomorrow morning. It's going to be a crazy 24 hours as I need to get home and clean the house tonight, get the IUI tomorrow morning, watch the Seahawks game tomorrow afternoon, and then have a bunch of friends tomorrow night over for my 30th birthday party. Phew!


KatieM said...

Wait, they aren't even giving you 24 hours between the trigger and your IUI? that normal for you?

Either way...good luck!! =)

Meghan said...

I know on my first IUI my lining was 7.8 on CD 11. My follicles weren't as big as yours though so I had another dose of follistim then trigger a few days later

Good luck tomorrow. And happy almost birthday!

jenn said...

Wow! That IS a busy few days! Maybe you should hedge your bets on the timing & have some good old fashioned fun after the IUI. Just in case & because it's your birthday!

Jen said...

I got the trigger at 2pm and the IUI is at it will be 22 hours in between. So I should be okay. But just in case I'm definitely planning on doing some homework Sunday. I mean like she say, it is my birthday and all!

Jen said...
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Barb said...

YAY for 21.5! And as for the short time between trigger and IUI that katie mentioned.. many studies point to evidence that a day after IUI results in higher pregnancy rates. It is definitely borne out in our clinic where one doctor does it that way and has higher pg rates with iui than the other 3 who don't. AND he got lower rates when he went to their protocol for a while. So GL!

I agree with the lining assessment, but I'm not a doc so.. haha.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Busy weekend! Now if only you could fill your whole two weeks up like that... ;-)

and Happy Birthday!!!

Good Luck!

Katarina Jelly Beana said...


I'm so excited for you. 21.5!!

Kathy V said...

I hope everything goes well for you. Hope your birthday present turns out to the bfp kind even if it takes a couple weeks to see.

sarah23 said...

It sounds like you had some nice follicles. Let us know how the IUI went when you have a chance. We can be IUI cycle buddies this month (I am only one day ahead of you.) Also, Happy Birthday! I just noted the comments above. :)

Sunny said...

An IUI for your 30th birthday, sounds like a lucky one to me! Prayers up for a quick 2ww with a blazing BFP at the end. I know the docs like to see 10mm lining, but it doesn't have to be that thick for implantation to occur. With that big ole follie, you have a great shot. GL and happy birthday!

PS And go Seahawks! (I may be a Seattle newbie, but I can still cheer, right?)

Nicky said...

Don't worry about the lining -- 7.2 at trigger is fine. My doctor said that 10 is great, but anything over 6 at trigger is fine, since it will continue to thicken after ovulation / before implantation.

After TTC for 2.5 years, an IUI succeeded for me just last month, and my lining at trigger was 7.0 that cycle.

Good luck!