Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hmmm...So What did I do This Weekend???

I don't know whether to describe this weekend busy or relaxing. It was a mixture of both, I guess. Anyhow, here is what I was up to.

Shopping. And lots of it as I had birthday money to blow and the sales were awesome! At Target I got new shoes and a new white shirt since I stained mine at the party last weekend. Oops! Alcohol, punch and white shirts don't mix. At Victoria Secret I bought new bras and underwear. At Bath and Body Works I got yummy smelling lotions and shower gel. At Ann Taylor I bought a skirt, cardigan, a hoodie sweater and a couple shirts. At Bass I bought new brown knee high boots and a couple necklaces. Phew!

Dinner out. Dad took us to Applebees Friday night for my birthday.

Football. We had friends over for the Seahawks game. While the first 4 minutes went well, it was pretty much downhill after that.

Babysitting. During the football game we watched our friends' 1.5 month old baby girl while they had tattoo appointments. So cute and quiet. I mean eating, pooping, sleeping and flailing of the arms is apparently about all that goes on at that age. I was a little nervous when we agreed to it as I've got very little small baby experience. But then I realized Stacy would be over for the football game so a mom would be on hand to help. (Thanks Stace!!!)

Knitting. Look, I finally turned the heel on my first sock! Jeramy calls it the sock with a hole in it. I hope to rectify that soon.

Meanwhile, Cujo kept busy in his own way this weekend., as he spent the bulk of it like this:

Nothing new on the baby-making front as I'm 8 days post-IUI. I'm feeling kind of blah and not too hopeful about it right now. But that is likely to change once I commence the POAS frenzy on Wednesday.


Meghan said...

yeah for the shopping. And good luck with the poas-athon!

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

OOoohh. Pretty sock!!

And I am officially jealous of the shopping spree. I've been trying to find new clothes for a while and NOTHING is fitting. Darned meds!

Barb said...

I'm so jealous about the sock!!!

Lots of support for you during the cursed 2ww.

Maria said...

So jealous of your shopping. I'm in desperate need of some new bras and underwear. It's not pretty. Good luck with your 2WW!!

Natalie said...

Wow, you musta got a shitload of gift certs and mula for your birthday - woohoo!

PS. Avoid the stick as long as you can. They're evil:-)

jenn said...

Yay for shopping!!!

And if you hold out- I may be convinced tot est with you on thursday. as long as my temps are up... ;o)

Kelly said...

Look at your dog! That's so cute!! He definitely wouldn't make it in the frozen land!! He's so cute:)
Good luck in your 2WW!!

Cece said...

Awesome sock! Keeping fingers crossed for the poasing!

Jen said...

I'm afraid I can't hold out past tomorrow to start the POAS marathon. I subscribe to the philosophy that I would want to know if its a BFP as early as possible even if that means risking an unnecessary BFN. And if the cycle is a busy, I'd prefer to abandon any hope sooner rather than later.

Besides, I have absolutely no patience, LOL!