Friday, January 4, 2008

Go Seahawks!

Just a quick post to say Go Seahawks! Playoffs start tomorrow and it is imperative (in my mind at least) that we clobber those Redskins! It's a home game so the 12th Man will be in the game although I'll be viewing from the comfort of my living room.

Oh and here is a pic of what I'll be wearing during the game. Our good friends gave me my birthday present early so I'd have it for the playoffs. I'm loving it as I am all about having the pink version of everything...I even have a pink fishing vest.


Kathy V said...

I can't bring myself to wear a pink jersey for my team. Something weird about not wearing the actual team colors. I am not choosing between rival teams so I hope it is a good game. Have fun!

Jaime and Chris said...

Awesome! Go Hawks! I'm sure you will get some drunk dials from me at the game. I really like your new haircut too!

nancy said...

How very strange. I just asked my husband what the "10th man" regarding baseball meant, since it's a 9 man roster. And he explained it. Heh. Timing.

Go seahawks too! We hate the redskins. But it's because of my husband liking the cowboys. But, I'm for the patriots :) Boston all the way baby!

Melissa said...

Ok, I'll go for your Seahawks-this weekend, but the Cowboys are the BEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVER!

Jen said... Cowboys fans. Perhaps I see an NFC championship match-up for us in the near future???