Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Perturbed Husband and a New Camera

Well not many posts can convince Jeramy to come out of lurker mode, but yesterday I (well we really) succeeded. When I got home from work today, Jeramy said "What's with all the husband-bashing on your blog???" I laughed, which perhaps was not the right response but was glad to learn he'd finally commented on something. Anyhow, he stayed home from work today, went to the doctor and is feeling many times better this evening. And that makes us both happier!

We also finally got our new camera today. When I posted last week, I thought the camera would arrive any moment...can you say free 2-day air? But unfortunately it ended up being backordered, which significantly diminished the advantages of this shipping bargain. Luckily it arrived today with plenty of time to spare before the holiday picture taking frenzy. Probably its coolest feature is that it can take panoramic photos by automatically stitching together multiple individual pictures. Here are a couple of pics we took this evening:

The tree. Obviously I am no tree-decocrating genius.

Cujo in his normal state, holiday or no holiday.


Trace said...

Thanks for stopping by. I was sucked in by the DINK as part of your blog header. We often joke about that.


Jaime and Chris said...

Look at all of those presents under the tree for Ellie to get into!!

jennifercarol said...

You know Jeramy was expressing some concern about that as I was setting them under the tree.

jenn said...

Cujo is adorable! congrats on the new camera- looking foward to lots of pics!