Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Haven't Drowned Yet

Despite the 3.77 inches of rain yesterday (2nd wettest day ever) I am still here. Thanks to a tarp on the roof, a sump pump in the back yard coupled with PVC piping leading to a storm drain out front, and of course Jeramy, we're even starting to dry out a bit. And right now, I can even see a little blue sky out the window.

Last night I finished blocking my latest scarf project, "My So-Called Scarf". I think it turned out very nicely...quite bohemian and funky. I'm definitely keeping this one for myself although maybe I'll make it again in the future for gifts. Also, I added a crochet slip stitch border around the edge to make them look more finished, as I had seen somebody else do this Ravelry.com (have I mentioned how much I love that website???). Here are the pics:


jenn said...

glad you're drying out- super cute scarf! i can crochet (badly) but knitting is so foreign to me. i admire those that can do it!

Katie said...

Glad we both made it! That is a beautiful scarf!

Katie said...

Glad we both made it! That is a beautiful scarf!

C said...

I love the scarf! I'm so impressed! It's very funky and cool. It's so satisfying to be productive and complete something, what a great hobby to help get you through tough IF days.

Just a heads up that I changed my blog address a bit, long story. :[ But it's still linked from my blogger profile. :)