Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Mobility Changes Things

Last night we were eating dinner when Jeramy looked around and said, "where's our daughter?"

I stand up and scan the living/dining/kitchen areas. No baby.

I walk to the hallway. No baby.

I walk past the bathrooms and Jillian's bedroom. No baby.

I'm starting to panic. Did she figure out the dog door or something.

I go into our bedroom and hear a bit of rustling. I turn into the walk-in closet and there she is.

She's been crawling for maybe two weeks and is in full exploration mode. It seems that we must get into the habit of closing doors. Or paying better attention. But damn, I was hungry!


Jennifer said...

Hilarious...she's a little explorer! Close doors...that's what I've started to do...until he figures out how to open them (but I think we've got some time for that) ; )

Nicky said...

We have friends with a new crawler, and their biggest problem right now is the dog door. If you figure out a solution to that one, let me know!

Birdee said...

OMG freaking how cute. I can just imagine what an adorable site to see her in your closet.

Sunny said...

LOL Yes, the challenges of mobility.

Yesterday I was in the shower and Bean was playing in the bathroom. I stepped out when I was done, and he had opened the toilet lid and was throwing things in it and splashing around.

Great, how am I going to shower now?!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Crawling really makes life so much more difficult, doesn't it? We're in the midst of cruising which is even more challenging than crawling as there is the constant potential for a catastrophic fall. UGH. :)

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha! I can't even imagine! GL with that little wild woman:)

JamieD said...

That is a classic line - "Where's our daughter?" Sorry, but I had to laugh out loud!

The new bedroom looks fantastic! Jeramy is more than just handy!