Sunday, June 7, 2009

8 Months Old and On the Move

At 8 months old, Jillian is officially on the move. I always expected her to go through some extended army crawling or scooting phase, but it never happened. When she finally figured crawling out it would be perfect or nothing. About six weeks ago when we were in Alabama she first began getting on her hands and knees and rocking. Then last week she almost simultaneously figured out how to go from being on her stomach to sitting and how to move forward. Over the past week she has perfected her crawl and discovered that she can actually cross entire rooms in that manner. Meanwhile Jeramy and I have began babyproofing and breaking out the pack n play (aka baby jail) as she discovers one new hazard after another. And poor Cujo. He can't get away any more. He'll be contentedly sleeping when Jillian will crawl up and yank his tags or steal his toys. Plus he now has to go outside to eat his food.


Sunny said...

Hooray Jillian! What a talented little girl. And she doesn't seem to mind baby jail at all!

Nicky said...

I totally predicted that Jillian would crawl before LL. She's quite gifted. :) Good luck with the baby proofing!

KandiB said...

Payback time for Cujo! I'm sure he absconded with one of her toys (or food) more than once.

That's awesome that she's crawling! Isn't it crazy that they figure that out all on their own?

Jennifer said...

YEAH for out Cujo! ;)

Geohde said...

I heart baby jails.

Nuff said :)


Kathy V said...

Our dogs are terrified of Hailey now that she is on the move. Poor Cujo. Life as he knew it is officially over!

we have to start babyproofing too.