Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeramy!

Today is Jeramy's 29th birthday...yes he has now joined me in the last year of his twenties. I made the poor guy go to work today, but we'll be celebrating tonight by going out to eat and getting dessert with friends.

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Nancy said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!!!! It's my mom's birthday too :) And a girl who sits next to me. Popular day, isn't it?

My mom told me an interesting tidbit about being born August 1st. Apparently, for Social Security (she's 70), the cut off is mid year. If you are born in the first half, you get SS starting January and if you are born in the second half, you get SS starting the NEXT January. And they look at the day BEFORE your birthday as the date. So An August 1st birthday puts your cutoff date at July 31st, which gives you an extra year of SS. heh.