Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let the Fishing Begin

Fishing season is now officially underway for Jeramy and I. Salmon fishing has actually been open for over a month now, but there are not many around to catch until late July or early August. Saturday we took our friend Bob, and we caught 4 coho, 1 chinook (which we had to throw back because it was wild not hatchery) and 4 dungeness crab. On Sunday Jeramy and I went alone and caught 3 coho and 1 pink. I almost had a 20 pound King too but he didn't cooperate too well as he kept diving under the boat and eventually spit the hook. Not surprisingly, this loss precipitated lectures on how to fish properly and exemplified the need for a better boat with more room to land fish (which isn't going to happen for a couple more seasons!). And then if the loss of the King wasn't enough, Jeramy discovered that the wheel bearing on the trailer had gone bad when backing down the launch to load the boat. This necessitated an emergency fix in the parking lot with the old wheel bearing.

But despite these set-backs, we did have fun as you can see...

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