Wednesday, August 22, 2007

9 Years

It is hard to believe that Jeramy and I have been married for 9 years today. So much has happened during that time and yet it has just flown by. Weren't we just in high school? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Jeramy finally moved out into his own apartment scrimping by on $7.50 an hour? At the very least it seems like yesterday that we bought our house and he started his apprenticeship...but that alone was nearly six years ago.

I told him this morning that after 9 years, I am really thinking of keeping him for good. I mean its hard to get along with somebody else well enough to live with them, and I think that I've almost got him broken in. Plus he does a lot of wonderful things for me and yesterday is a good example.

When I woke up yesterday morning I wandered into the bathroom half-asleep. After um, relieving myself, I turned around and saw a gigantic, hairy wolf spider on the wall just above the toilet. It was about the size of my palm. I nearly screamed and ran out of the bathroom. Then I calmed myself down and thought through my options...

I needed to get Jeramy to kill it for me. But it was only 3:15am

I must kill it myself, but how?

I could use Jessie's vacuum method and suck it up. But it seemed too big for that and it might survive the suction and come back to haunt me later.

I could smush it with something but what? And what if I missed and it found some place else to hide?

I could use the other bathroom, but I'd have to walk by the spider to get my shampoo. And if he disappeared, I'd never know what happened to him.

So in the end, I woke Jeramy up. He didn't give me any grief, commented that the spider was indeed very large, killed it with rolled up newspaper and flushed the toilet. Unfortunately, the poor guy could not fall back asleep, but I am forever grateful to him for exterminating that and many other 8 legged creatures.

The truth is that I'm lucky to be married to an absolutely wonderful man. He is dependable...the type of guy that family and friends can always count on. He is always prepared. Seriously...during the Windstorm last December it was practically life as normal at my house despite 5 days without power. Or when the boat trailer's hub broke a few weeks ago, he had the back-up hub on and the trailer home within 45 minutes. Oh and he's very handy too...just look at my kitchen! And we're lucky enough to have so much fun doing things together whether its fishing, riding the motorcycle, quads, or camping. More importantly we share morals, values and a common outlook on life. Also, we trust each other completely, which has allowed each of us the freedom to pursue our individual interests in addition to doing the things we both enjoy together. We've grown up together, and unlike some couples who marry young, that has actually brought us closer together.

We don't have huge plans, but we are going out to dinner at Jimmie Mac's tonight. I have the day off today, and I plan on cleaning up a bit and going to see Becoming Jane. Jeramy might get off a bit early. It should be a fun, quiet evening together.

Also I've got an update on the Jeramy knee injury situation. He saw the orthapedic surgeon Monday who say that the PCL is only partially torn and that he doesn't recommend surgery at this time. We are of course very happy about this. At this point he is continuing physical therapy a couple times a week and will go back to the surgeon for a re-check. Plus he will be transferring out to the Valley job next week, which is convenient since he'll be much closer to all these doctors.

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nancy said...

"Perhaps there is something that Mary and her RE forgot to mention to us." - LMAO.