Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Monday

Well there was a change (for the better!) in our commuting arrangements during the I-5 construction fiasco. Although he can't ride his Kawasaki in because of where the foot pegs sit, he can ride the Harley in. So that means I am free to work 4 10 hour days starting around 4:30am every day. I am definitely looking forward to have Wednesday off this week and next, but it was definitely difficult to drag myself out of bed at 3am. I did go to be at 8pm last night at least.

But of course this morning it seems that the commute isn't so bad after all. Jeramy said that he has never gotten to work faster. Let's just hope that everybody doesn't abandon their alternative arrangements after hearing this good news!

Luckily it wasn't hard to go to sleep that early, because I was up at 4am both Saturday and Sunday to go fishing. Overall we were pretty productive and caught a total of 8 pinks and 1 coho on our boat, with 6 of the pinks being ours. I lost a fish Sunday, which Jeramy is sure must have been a big one even though it was only on for a minute, so I got to hear about it for the rest of the day. Apparently when I lose a fish the assumption is that I did something wrong...why is the possibility that we just never had the fish hooked well so improbable???

Other than that my weekend consisted of shopping (I got a great new pair of jeans!), going to see the Bourne Ultimatum, cleaning, and trying to learn to knit socks on 2 circular needles.

Oh and did I mention that I saw a scooter gang coming up the hill from Redondo on the way to the grocery store on Sunday. What is a scooter gang, you ask? Well apparently (and I say apparently because I draw this from observation only) a scooter gang is a bunch of guys who ride around in a group on scooters. It's very much like a biker gang, except the riders tend to lack beards, tattoos, leather, and scantily clad women. I'm also better than instead of frequenting bars you'll find these groups at Starbucks or Panera.

What an exciting life I lead.

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