Friday, August 31, 2007

A Pretty Boring Week

Well I haven't posted much this week, because honestly its been pretty damn boring. Here is basically how it went...

Monday: worked, went home, ate dinner, watched TV
Tuesday: worked, went home, ate dinner, watched TV
Wednesday: worked, went home, ate dinner, watched TV
Thursday: worked, went home, ate dinner, went to Seahawks preseason game

Okay well the Seahawks game was fun. My sister Jaime took me, because her husband couldn't go. And a Seahawks game with Jaime is always good for a few laughs. It turns out that she has a bad habit of throwing beers when the game doesn't go as planned. This time, it was a Raiders punt return for like 95 yards and a touchdown thanks to some spectacularly missed tackles on the Seahawks part. In the midst of her frustration she accidentally flung her Bud Light bottle a few rows ahead of her. Luckily it was plastic, nearly empty, and the folks ahead of us glared a bit but did not complain. And it really was an accident, and Jaime was certainly embarrased by it. But all in all, it was a good start to her football season, and I'm sure the folks around her wishing that it wasn't too late to change their seats!

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