Friday, August 3, 2007

I Guess I am Difficult to Please

I'm always wanting Jeramy to give up his evenings and weekends to earn overtime pay. He's kind of a high maintenance guy financially, and so its nice when he kick's up his contribution to our monthly income at little inconvenience to me.

But, I also like going fishing. And I don't know how to work the fishing polls or downriggers very well. And I certainly cannot back a boat trailer down a boat ramp or even hook it to the truck for that matter. So if Jeramy's working, Jen isn't fishing.

So it sounds like fishing for this weekend may be out. He's working late tonight and definitely tomorrow. Maybe Sunday too. In fact it sounds like he may be working a lot of overtime for the next few weeks. If this wasn't peak fishing season for salmon, I'd be ecstatic. Like I said, you just can't please me.

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