Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mid-week Ramblings

My ultrasound is now less than one week away. I finally feel like it is almost within reach, and luckily I've been keeping busy this week so time has moved by a bit quicker. I'm both excited about it and nervous at the same time. But I am doing my best to keep my emotions in check.

One thing I find odd is how everybody asks me if I have any symptoms or if I've been very sick. It is not that the question itself is odd, but do people really want to hear my puke stories? I mean it certainly is not dinner conversation, but of course that won't stop me from telling you them. The truth is that I've had little so far in the way of symptoms to reassure me that this pregnancy is not a figment of my imagination. Most of the cramping from weeks 4 and 5 has subsided. At times I've felt hints of nausea, but that is mostly after a big meal and it goes away rather quickly. The only real symptom that has developed in the last week is constipation, which is not at all glamorous and not particularly reassuring either. I mean it's probably just all that iron in those dang prenatal vitamins. Anyhow between increasing my fiber intake and the purchase of some plum juice advertised as good for digestive health, I think things are starting to *ahem* move along. Not that you wanted to know or anything.

Well...on to more palatable fronts...

I've finished the sleeves on the baby sweater I'm knitting for our friend Debbie's baby girl who is due in May. It was a little tricky to figure out as the instructions in the pattern are very brief, but I was able to figure it out with help during a couple knitting circle sessions. It is kind of strange to see a sweater coming together from the top down rather than the bottom up, but I really like the fact that the design is almost seamless. I also really love the lace pattern stitch. If I have a girl I am definitely knitting another one for her. I have been compiling an impossibly long list of all the things I want to knit for "the growth", but I refuse to let myself start anything before the second trimester.


Mel said...

You are a knitting fool!
Glad to hear things are still good, no bad news is such darn good news. Cannot wait to hear how your appointment goes!!
Oh, and try Fiber One cereal if you still have the "backup." That stuff doesn't taste the best, but it works like a charm!

CanadianMama said...

Ok, I will totally admit that I love hearing the puke stories. Not because I'm happy that my friends are puking but because anything related to pregnancy is so exciting. Call me crazy!
Good luck with the u/s and post as soon as you can please!

sarah23 said...

I don't mind the puke stories, either! Share whatever you want. Tee hee. :)

Nicky said...

Ah... constipation... that is glamorous. I recommend drinking more water than you think humanly possible, with little cranberry juice chasers. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Yep, that's what I wanted to hear!! Puke, poop (or lack there of!!)...all the gory details!
Are you really tired &/or have sore bbs? All us non-preggos have to live vicariously through you until we get our bfp!! ;)
Thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

I like prunes, so that's what I have been doing.

Also, my doctor prescribed me a prenatal with a stool softener in it. It seems to work pretty good!

CanadianMama said...

Oh I forgot. I've been addicted to dried appricots since I got KU and they seem to keep me regular. They are pretty powerful though so only have a few the first time (honestly don't make the mistake I did, it doesn't matter how good they may taste, stop after three).

Sunny said...

I can't wait to see your ultrasound! The early ones are my favorite, when they are vaguely baby shaped and oh so tiny! Enjoy the weekend when time goes by quickly, the big day will be here soon.