Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Treatment Changes on the Baby-making Front

3 posts in one day...I'm going a little crazy over here.

As I mentioned the other week, my second cycle of clomid resulted in yet another ovarian cyst. Because cysts aren't very conducive to our baby-making efforts, we are making a small change in course. Basically this involves doing 2 things:
  1. Changing from clomid to letrozole. For those blog-readers not as familiar with infertility(IF) treatments, letrozole is similar to clomid in that it is an oral medication and relatively inexpensive with a lower risk of multiples than injectible medications. Letrozole is actually FDA approved as a breast cancer treatment, but doctors have been using it off-label to treat ovulation disorders for several years now. My RE says that Letrozole carries a lower risk of cysts, so hopefully it will agree better with my ovaries.
  2. Getting a Hysterosalpingogram. Can't spit that word out? Me neither. We'll just call it an HSG. Anyhow, this does not really relate to my cysts but is simply something that we need to get done before going much further with treatment. Again for the IF-naive, this is an x-ray procedure to determine whether my fallopian tubes are open and my uterine cavity normal. This involves injecting dye into the uterus and tubes, and the word on the street is that this is not a particularly pleasant experience. Oh and not cheap either, but I've gotten used to that.

We'll do these things starting with my next cycle, provided the cyst is gone. I can't quite say when that will be as good 'ol Aunt Flo appears to be nowhere in sight. So in the meantime I'm just sitting tight, waiting, and doing just about anything to keep my mind busy elsewhere.


C said...

Good luck with the new treatment! I hope the change in meds helps. I don't know about you, but Clomid did NOT agree with me! :/ I also had an HSG. It wasn't bad at all, it was over very quickly. They say you are more fertile the three months following the HSG. I hope that's true for you!

We fly out to Seattle tomorrow morning to finally settle in. Looks like a week of rain to welcome us to our new home. :)

jennifercarol said...

You know the clomid wasn't so bad for me except for those dang cysts. Oh and you best get used to the rain, I'm afraid. November is probably the worst month to move to Seattle weather wise, because gray and wet will likely be the conditions for the next several months!

Poltzie said...

Good Luck Jenn!!
I've got all fingers and toes crossed for you :)