Thursday, November 8, 2007

Catching a break

I'll tell you a secret, but we must be vewy, vewy quiet.

When you are struggling to get pregnant, sometimes it feels like you can never catch a break. I've definitely been feeling that way lately given that my last 2 clomid cycles cysts rather than positive pregnancy tests. But yesterday at the pharmacy, I finally felt like I had a little luck on my side. My insurance actually covered my letrozole prescription saving me $106. But shhh...they probably only covered it because its FDA approved for breast cancer and IF is an off-label use.


jenn said...

I'll keep your secret- but say a very quiet yay!!!!

C said...

I love happy surprises like that... there are so few in the world of IF. I hope AF has shown her face so you get on with treatment. (Or better yet -- another suprise -- BFP?!?!) Thanks for the welcome to Seattle. We are still learning how to "translate" what the weather guys say into what to actually expect. :)