Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cujo and the Frog

Apparently a frog has taken up residence in the grapevine in our backyard. I know this, because my dog is determined to kill it. The other morning while getting ready for work, I heard Cujo in the backyard which is a bit unusual for him that early in the day. When I opened the back door I saw him barking in the direction of the grape vine, seemingly at nothing. I admonished him and told him to come inside and quiet down. It was 5am after all and my neighbors might like to sleep. However, the second I went into the bathroom, I heard him exit the dog door again and start barking. So I went and got him again. This course of events repeated itself over the next half hour when I had to give up and go to work.

Later Jeramy told me that he has heard a frog's croaking coming from the grape vine. We know from past experience that Cujo does not like frogs (that one often involved barking at croaking coming from the fence line around midnight). And as lazy as Cujo is, he can be quite determined when it comes to frogs. So I wasn't surprised this morning when the whole frog in the grape vine routine played out again at 5am. My take is either a frog is going to die, get smart and figure out this particular grape vine is not the safest of homes or my neighbors are going to have my dog taken away for disturbance of peace.

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