Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Flashback Wednesday

As I promised with complete disregard for your feelings on the matter (it is my blog after all), it is another Flashback Wednesday. Seeing as how the holidays are upon us, I felt it might be appropriate to re-visit my first Christmas.

I was what you might call as high-energy and demanding child that tended to get into everything. It seems that I used up all that energy as a child but that's off the point. I was almost one by my first Christmas and apparently greatly enjoyed Christmas trees. I think this picture was taken at my grandparents house. (And seriously check out those happening pants I'm wearing! Can you say 1978?)

At home my parents came up with a more creative solution. Tree in a playpen of course! Oh and don't you love the yellow end table and orange carpet in the background. I'm not quite sure what interior decorators of that era were thinking.


jenn said...

how cute!! mustard yellow & avocado are actually coming back you know... I kid, I kid! I work hard to make sure they don't!

Jazzsaxplayer said...

Gotta love that 70's interior... If you look close you can see the back of the yellow swivel chair in the dinning area, part of the full set of yellow table and 4 chairs. It was all quite color coordinated, a yellow and orange theme. Seems like we had an afgan on the couch that was orange, yellow and brown to match as well.

Also under the yellow end table, the ears of Susie the cat, no doubt trying to figure out how to get at the tree.

The playpen for the tree was a family tradition that carried over from earlier years when it kept the cats from climing the tree, drinking the water and eating christmas ornaments. This year it protected the tree from both the baby and the cats.

The other shot is of momo's tree... notice the piano on the left.