Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flashback Wednesday

I've decided that every Wednesday from now until I decide not to (because its my blog, after all), I'm going to post a picture from sometime in the past. I've got a ton of old pics and its a ton of fun to go through them all. So anyhow, here is your first Flashback Wednesday:

We look crazy young here, especially Jeramy. This was grub tolo, which is a dance where girl asks guy with casual dress and matching outfits. This is senior year, I think. However this caused an extensive discussion between Jeramy and I last night about whether this was junior or senior year last night. Jeramy thought we did the Abbey Road T-shirts in senior year, but I disagreed based on other pictures of this dance. It's a good thing that forgetting the mundane details of cheesy high school dances is not a sign of early dementia.


jenn said...

holy cow- you guys look all of 13 or 14! I like the flashback wednesdays idea. it's nice to not only have faces to put to the words- but seeing you & Jeramy's history is very sweet!

Plus it's funny to see how much he's changed & oddly how little you have!

Monica said...

what a cute idea. and that's awesome that you guys have that much history.

jennifercarol said...

LOL, Jenn! I'm afraid that I haven't changed much over the years. I do look very young for my age. When I was still wearing braces a few years ago, people would think I was in high school!

jenn said...

you know that's a good thing-right! I have the same 'problem'. when i turned 28 this year I got a lot of 'no way!'s & disbelief. Bad if you want to be taken seriously- but excellent when you turn 40 ;o)