Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving

Jeramy and I had a very good Thanksgiving. We went to his mom's house for a nice dinner with his mom, stepdad, brother & his girlfriend, sister and niece. Julia, of course, was the star of the show, and she spent the evening teasing Jeramy who wanted so badly to play with her. It was a fun time just hanging out. Yesterday Jeramy went to Moses Lake to ride quads with his dad and brother leaving me with the house to myself for the night. I didn't get lonely though as I went out for our friend Bob's 34th birthday and then took Jeramy's stepmom to get a new puppy this morning. She got an adorable 8 week old boxer puppy they named Roxy. So overall its been a good time hanging out with family and friends.

Also Thanksgiving marked the start of a new cycle for me, and I got my baseline ultrasound this morning. The bad news is that the cyst is still there, but the good news is that its much smaller at 2cm and appears to be deflating. However, since there is still a cyst, they want me to go unmedicated this cycle. I am definitely sad about that, but there is no way I'd risk having the meds stimulate the cyst. It's just not worth it. But of course this cycle won't be RE visit free as I need to schedule that lovely HSG. Ugh...I've got to stop dragging my feet on that!


jenn said...

glad you had a good thanksgiving! Roxy is an awesome name- not that i am biased by my own little roxy;o) and boxers can be such awesome family dogs!

good luck with the hsg- i'm sorry about the cyst & no meds this cycle, but i am glad that it seems to be deflating.

nancy said...

Woohoo on a good t-giving! :)

Get that HSG scheduled fast. It has to be done between days 5-9 of your cycle. (some dr's have other rules, but it's usually ~always~ before cd10. some do it earlier, but none do it later).

I wanted to mention something about my own cysts... Mine always ended up going away on it's own, but it took the beginning of my cycle for it to start "deflating". I did have one medicated cycle with the end of a cyst still there (much like your own) and the femara did ~not~ stimulate it. Not that the doctor is making the wrong decision - as my doctor would do the same thing (it was my OB who still let me take it). Just wanted to tell you how I've reacted.

Monica said...

Make sure you take some Tylenol or Advil before your HSG. Mine gave me lots of cramping for a day or so. But it wasn't too bad. I'm glad your cyst is deflating though.