Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Camping

We went camping again last weekend. Yup, two weekends in a row. You might think I'm crazy but it is so much easier to go camping the second time because you've already done much of the packing which is the part I really dread (well next to the unpacking that is). We just left the camper sitting on the truck all week, while Jeramy found other vehicles to drive. This time we drove east of the mountains over Chinook Pass to the Naches area. Our friend's dad has property there alone the American River and there are four-wheeling trails nearby, both of which kept Jeramy quite busy all weekend. I on the other hand spent much time relaxing and knitting.

Jillian spent her weekend with friend Kaycie who is about a year older than her. We are so lucky to know so many little girls just about Jillian's age. They both had a great time, and Kaycie taught Jillian to laugh at farts. That's right, potty humor has begun, and we haven't even reached her first birthday. Great.

Right before the trip, I bought a snack bowl to keep treats off the floor. Jeramy lovingly calls it the bear trap because of its design. It said 12+ months so I didn't know if Jillian would figure it out, but my worries were for nothing. Clearly, I underestimated the power of baby cheesy puffs.

And don't worry, we didn't forget the baby pasture either. Last time we depended on the Pack 'n' Play. However we knew that wouldn't fly with Kaycie wanting to run around (and in turn Jillian wanting to crawl after her).

Jillian even got some fishing and relaxation time in with her Daddy. Apparently they caught a baby fish, but I was too far down river at that time to catch the photo op. Jeramy says that he won't fish this way ever again though. Carrying around 20 pounds of baby on your chest on a rocky shore is not so good for the back it seems.


jenn said...

way too cute! we might be camping in october at 6-ish months so I like seeing a taste of what to expect!

Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Nicky said...

The photos of Jeramy fishing with Jillian hanging from the front carrier are awesome.

Sunny said...

You hadn't taught Jillian to laugh at farts yet?! Seriously, we have to talk.

The pictures of Jeramy and Jillian are too precious.