Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Clingy

I would say that Jillian is generally a pretty outgoing baby. While she tends to be most playful with mom, dad or grandma, she is usually willing to be held by others without much fuss. If I were to say she preferred anybody, it would be her dad and not me, and really that did not bother me as much as I might have expected.

Well this weekend, all that changed. I’m not sure if it is due to the newly emerging teeth, a lack of sleep or just new found separation anxiety. But regardless, she was all about mom, all the time. Overall, I’d have to say that I’m touched. As a working mom who doesn’t nurse, it is very satisfying to see that she knows I’m her mom and that she loves me so very much. At the same time, a little goes a long way sometimes. I was on my feet with her in my arms for so much of the weekend that my back and legs actually ache. And it is excruciating to have to leave the house when your baby is wailing for you. Even Jillian herself seems conflicted in her clinging. She is a rather energetic baby who wants to be on the move, and she is constantly squirming to get out of your arms. But once you set her down she starts to cry, especially if people are around. It is quite frustrating for mom and baby, I assure you.

I know this is a phase that will pass all too quickly and a day will come when I’m deemed a “mean mommy” rather than somebody to cuddle with. So I’ll pop a couple ibuprofen and enjoy it. And with a little girl as goofy as this one, it is admittedly hard not to enjoy it.


Jennifer said...

It is totally a phase - Julian has gotten VERY clingy too - wants to be held constantly - isn't content to play on his own at all it seems (and if he does it's a short period of time)...hopefully it's just the age, development, teething, etc., that's getting them to cling so much.

I have an extra hip carrier that a fellow blogger made for me (it's really simple and made from cotton fabric) - very easy to use. She made me two, but I only need the one. It's really great - especially since Julian wants to be on my hip all the time now - it takes a lot of his load off my back/arms. If you'd like it, I'll send it to you. Just give me your address info via email at awaitingourfirst@hotmail.com

I'll send you a photo of it if you'd like to see it first...let me know - just shoot me an email! ; )

Sunny said...

And THIS is why I own 7 baby carriers. Bean has been that way since birth. Actually, he's much better about being on his own at home, now that he's walking. But those baby carriers saved my life!!!

Kelly said...

How absolutely adorable is she?? Good luck with the clingy baby... I'm sure it won't last too long as she's such an active baby that she'll be on the run soon:) EEK!

jenn said...

Aw- she is an adorable thing to have clinging to you!

Caiden's the same way- of course at 4 months I think that's pretty normal! She's not totally mommy-centric, but close! I bet she's as much weight as Jillian (just about! haha!)

Curt said...

She's just now getting "clingy"? :P Back when dad and Cindy had her a few weeks ago, she must have thought I was Jeramy when I was walking in the room and when she discovered that I wasn't, she was bawling and bawling.

But that clinginess, even if it is annoying (at times) and comes in phases, is probably a healthy thing. After all, you've heard of the reverse problem, when psychologist Harry Harlow did some experiments with social isolation with baby monkeys, haven't you?