Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Months

Jillian turned 10 months old last Friday when we left to go camping. I could spend about an entire post going on and on about how quickly time has flown by, but I think I have probably exhausted your patience on that subject. And truly this month has been no exception to my excitement and dismay over her growth as she has reaches one milestone after another.
  • She can stand for several seconds at a time (once for almost a minute) on her own. She is cruising around furniture with ease. I fear that walking is in the near future.
  • She crawls up stairs with ease.
  • She loves cans and bottles. Basically she wants anything we drink out of. One day last week when Jeramy and his mom were just out of reach she graped a nearly empty 2 liter of sprite and took a few gulps. When I heard the news I didn't know whether to be concerned at her consuming soda or impressed that she didn't spill any.
  • Spitting has become a new found passion. Blowing raspberries on Daddy is a lot of fun. Spitting food all over the nearest adult is even more fun.
  • She greatly enjoys babbling. And screaming. Holding screaming contests with her baby friends is among her favorite pasttimes. She also likes makes "s" sounds. I think that she is starting to get the hang of "dada" and "baba". Unfortunately "mama" has not made the list.
  • She adores dogs and wants to pet (well really yank on) every one she comes across.
  • She has gotten pretty proficient with her sippy cup. If other babies are nearby, stealing their sippy cups is great fun. She still prefers her bottle when it comes to drinking formula.
  • Her two bottom teeth are pretty far through now. Very cute, and a little crooked. With her dad and my genes, I'm quite certain that several years of orthodontia are in her future.
  • As you can tell by her pictures, she really is a very happy baby. I wouldn't call her an easy baby as she is quite demanding of your attention. But she has such a fun and vibrant personality. It is what I adore the most about her.
What I learned this month was that swim diapers are good at not absorbing water. They are not so good at holding in urine. This is what happened to me when I let Jillian sit on my lap after swimming.

She is simply impossible to resist.

I didn't even pose her for this pic, I swear! Heineken should consider using babies in its advertisements. Although maybe there are some rules against that...


Kelly said...

10 I swear you were just pregnant! Miss Jillian is adorable and very fun to watch grow. I love her fiesty nature!!

Sunny said...

Swim diapers are USELESS. USE. LESS.

Bean insists on drinking everything I do, too. Including the frappe I like get at Cutters Point. Does it make me a bad mom that I share it with him, to avoid a tantrum?

Yes, probably.

But at least it's decaf.

jenn said...

Wow- 10 months already! She really is irresistable- I have many a pic of me with a bottle (of beer!) or wine glass in hand as a baby. I'm 95% sure they were pretty much empty, but hey- I'm fine!

Birdee said...

I remember how amazed I was that I could have a baby in march and have so much fun with a baby at Christmas time, DS was just about where Jillian is at and I was shocked at the toys I could get him.
She is such a happy baby, I love clicking over and seeing her smiles, you so good about posting pictures. I love it.

Jamie said...

I can see where she would be irresistable!

I can't wait to meet our baby but what I really can't wait for is when he gets his personaltiy. Even if he does have a passion for spitting!!

Nicky said...

I swear, Jillian is going to be getting her drivers license before LL figures out how to crawl. :)

Swim diapers are *supposed* to leak. If they absorbed water, they'd be a disaster in a swimming pool because they'd immediately get waterlogged. Swim diapers are basically sieves -- they keep the solids contained, but everything else just flows through them. Holding a baby in a swim diaper? That's a mistake you only make once....

George said...

Wow - she's 10 months old - holy cow - time does fly!

She's so pretty - just adorable - I love those photos of her!

I hate those swim diapers - they just stink - Julian always pees thru them too - usually on me!!! ; )

nancy said...

swim diapers just really hold in poops. other than that, i don't get it.

Jillian is just all over the place in milestones! Wow! you go jillian!

Unknown said...

She is adorable and i have to admit i snorted about the wet crotched pants. My kids are 7,9,&12, but I do still remember those days...

chicklet said...

10 months? HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN??? :-)