Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Year Down for Jeramy

The big event of the weekend was Jeramy's 31st birthday yesterday. So of course that called for a birthday/addition warming party. I'd like to have called it a bedroom warming party, but Jeramy thought that sounded a little wrong for some reason. Plus the house was a disaster, and we really needed something to get us motivated to get it cleaned. Really, Jeramy's birthday couldn't have come at a better time.
The evening included the regular festivities such as blowing out candles on a Harley Davidson birthday cake. Note the present in the background with the princess pink wrapping paper. Yup, for Jeramy from friends.

Lots of Jillian's tot pals were there too. Here you see her hitting Becky with the rattle she stole from her (Jillian is a bully who won't share).
Here her grandma was holding Dakota, and Jillian insisted that she be held too. Jealous?
Best of all, Jeramy bought a swimming pool this weekend. Jeramy's dad took him up to the local reservation casino on Thursday and gave him $100 to spend. Somehow he managed to more than triple his money playing penny slots. Finally he had the funds to buy a pool, which he has been longing for all summer. The only problem is every store was sold out thanks to the record-breaking heat. So he turned to Craigs List where someone had listed a 18' x 4' pool for $225. It had been bought 3 years ago for $600 and used 2 months. Jeramy offered $240...and a good thing because the lady had like 6 inquiries on it. Let's just say that I'm a little bit excited about this!


Sunny said...

The girlie wrapping paper was my favorite. :) It was such a nice party, the pool is AWESOME!

Jennifer said...

The pool will be great for you guys - perfect for the summer! Happy Birthday Jeramy!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jeramy!! Bring on the heat so you guys can enjoy the new pool!! Love the pink princess present for Jeramy!!

Jaime said...

Jillian looks so much happier than she did on Friday night :) What a great cake for Jeramy!

KandiB said...

I like the "bedroom warming" party. Just think of the fun themed stuff you could get for it!

Nice job on the pool! It has been a miserable couple of weeks and that would be a welcome sight for sore eyes.