Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can I Order a Relaxing Weekend Please?

Summertime is crazy busy for us. Take this weekend for example. Friday night we went to a BBQ at church with Jeramy's mom and stepdad. Saturday morning, I was on a mission to get Jillian shoes that not only fit but were difficult for her to pull off. Otherwise, I was going to be getting some dirty looks once the colder weather hit, and I was still toting around a barefoot baby. Luckily I got some recommendations to try the Stride Rite factory outlet nearby, and I was able to score a couple of very cute shoes that stay on for a slightly unreasonable price. I also took the opportunity to visit some other outlet stores at the mall to stock up on some clothes for her fall wardrobe. I love shopping for Jillian. So much funner than shopping for myself. Then we headed out to three BBQs. That's right...3. First with some close friends from high school, then to our old neighbor's house (it was sooooo weird to meet the people who bought our house and see some of the changes they made) and then to a housewarming for a friend who moved back to town. We got home around 10:30pm, and all three of us crashed. Then we were up before 6am today to drop Jillian off with Jeramy's dad and stepmom so that we could hit the Puyallup river to fish. The pink salmon run every other year, and there are so many in the river that they actually run into you when you are starting in the water fishing. We both caught our limit of 4 each and headed out to grab Jillian. Then we stopped by our friend's who had been fishing with us so Jeramy could show him how to fillet fish. Then we went to visit my grandma for a few minutes. Then we did the week's grocery shopping. Then we went home where I unloaded groceries, reorganized the pantry and threw out the old stuff, put away Jillian's new clothes, along with some other chores. Oh and inbetween all of this we somehow managed to change Jillian's diapers, feed her, and let her get some naps in (usually while driving).

I'm beat. And the thing is that every weekend has been like this all summer long. We'll be camping Labor Day weekend so that won't be much better. I'm just hoping that as fall sets in things slow down just a bit. Because while I like to be busy, this is just insane.

And I'd better not forget, Jillian has started walking. She can now take several rather unsteady steps in a row. Generally she'd much rather crawl because she is so damn quick via that mode of transportation. But as the weekend has progressed I've seen her walk more and more. Here is a picture from last Thursday when she was just starting (and as you can see she was highly encouraged by her Daddy.) I know, I need video. We lost the charger to our camcorder, and Jeramy just ordered it the other day. So hopefully video of Jillian is in the near future.


Sunny said...

WALKING!!! Hooray for Jillian!!! What a fun (and exhausting) milestone. My favorite so far, really. :)

Your weekend sounds exhausting. I can't even read about it without needing a nap. Then again, I always need a nap these days.

Are we still on for Tuesday? I can give you a ring after my ultrasound. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous.

If the ultrasound goes well, I may have a proposal for Jeramy, you can warn him. Would he be willing to hire out his skills to a desperate, hopefully growing family who needs a loft converted into bedrooms??

Kelly said...

Girl , I need a nap just from hearing about your busy weekend. Yikes!! Yay for Jillian!!

jenn said...

wow- very exhausting weekend! I'm also tired just reading it, haha!
And Walking! crazy! Caiden did a 1' honest to goodness crawl yesterday & today she is happily scooting forward in her walker (I'm about to post a photo timeline) I haven't babyproofed a thing & I really think I need to get on that stat!

jenn said...

Oh- And GO Jillian! (I forgot to say that as I turned my comment to all about my kid! Doh- sorry!)

JamieD said...

I hope there is a relaxing weekend somewhere in your future. Although it won't be too relaxing with a walking baby!!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

Damn, your weekend sounds tiring -- but fun. Ours seem always to feel tiring but rarely do they seem to have been much fun.

And yay for Jillian on the walking! We are definitely not there yet. I fear, though, that we may be close. But I had that seem feeling about crawling when he was on his hands and knees, which lasted three months, so we'll see.

Jennifer said...

Oh, boy... you've got yourself a WALKER!!! Soon to be RUNNER! Congrats Jillian for hitting such a massive milestone!