Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in Review

Every year my dad and stepmom gather up all the adult kids (all 6 of us plus spouses and children), rent a house and make us vacation together for a weekend. Normally we go some place a few hours away. But this year was different as my stepbrother's wife is pregnant and due in a couple of weeks (although likely to give birth any second now). So this year we journeyed to Federal Way. Since many of you are unfamiliar with the Puget Sound area and where I live within that region, I can tell you that we had to cross one city border and drive all of 5 miles to reach our vacation destination. The downside of this is that it does not make for a particularly exciting trip. Plus it is weird to sleep in a strange and rather uncomfortable bed when your own is such a short distance away. But on the bright side I did get to shower at home, which rarely happens when your "out of town" for the weekend. And I'd also have to say that our bowling excursion was rather fun.

I did skip out of the family getaway for a few hours to attend my friend Debi's baby shower. I couldn't miss it, especially since I'd knitted all of those adorable baby things for her. If you don't remember, you can check them out here, here and here. It was the first baby shower that I've been to since I've gotten pregnant, and somehow by complete coincidence, I ended up sitting on a couch with 2 other pregnant girls neither of which was Debi. One was due in July and one in August...I'm due in September but felt like a complete imposter. The one due in July had the cutest preggo belly. The girl due a month later was not so obvious, but given her build I'm sure she'll have a belly just as cute. I am insanely jealous of super skinny girls and there adorable bellies, especially as I'll be at least 20 weeks along before anybody realizes that there is anything more than my existing belly fat hanging out around my waistline. But I digress. Only a couple of other gals there know about my "condition" so perhaps I was the only person picking up on the irony of our placement during the shower. I'm about ready to begin telling a broader group of friends, but I really did not think that making such an announcement at another person's baby shower would be appropriate. Besides, I'll feel much more secure about going public with such information after my NT scan on Thursday.

About the only other thing going on lately is that I've been on a mission to increase my fiber intake, as part of the ongoing effort to combat the lovely pregnancy symptom of constipation. As you may remember I tried prune juice, but gave that up due to my abhorrence for the taste. Then I tried metamucil, only to discover that it only adds minimal fiber to your diet. I added the prenatal with stool softener, but that helps only a limited amount. So starting last week I began adding in anything high fiber and aiming to get 25 - 35 grams of the stuff a day. This has required a daily dose of bran flakes, oatmeal, fruit, and crystal light live action (3 grams of fiber in every packet!). But I can finally claim success. I just need to keep it up for another 7 months.


waitinginline said...

I love quaker simple harvest and it's 4 grams per serving. It's delicious, too!

I'm glad you had a good time!!

Jennifer said...

The knitted baby gifts are ADORABLE! And boo on the constipation...I am only 9 wks and just started dealing with that problem, to my dismay. Hopefully I can find a way to add the fiber to keep things moving cuz this is pretty miserable, especially on top of the all-day morning sickness. Ah, the joys of being pregnant lol

Jen said...

It's so sad when you cheer someone on for pooping! Yay!

Tammy's Thought Pattern said...

We got my mother in law to take Benefiber for her bowel issues and she LOVES it. It works really well and has no flavor so she takes it with her OJ in the mornings.

Maybe that would help you too :o)