Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Neighbors, They're Weird

When I got home from my knitting circle last night, Jeramy said that B from across the street had come over asking for help. B was quite distressed and said it was an emergency. I guess that B's wife C likes to go with her friends to the beach occasionally to get really drunk. She then proceeds to drive her drunk ass home. B asked Jeramy to come over to witness C's intoxicated state and tell her to stop doing that. Apparently when B complains to C about this she threatens divorce.

Now how B thought Jeramy would help this marital crisis is beyond me. He's certainly a wonderful guy in my mind, but a far cry from a marital counselor. But Jeramy went despite the obviously uncomfortable situation. He saw the drunken C lying on their couch holding her dog. He asked her if she was all right. She said yes. He went home.

Now I'm getting this story second hand, but isn't this weird? Keep in mind that we are not particularly close to these neighbors who moved in a little over a year ago. I had been under the impression that they were rather normal (well except for B's lawn mowing fetish). But I'm starting to wonder if a divorce is on the horizon. Regardless, from now on I should probably pull my car over when I see C on the road!


Mazzy said...

wow-TMI, right?
why people involve others in their marital problems is beyond me. how uncomfortable!

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Yes. Super bizarre. If I ever saw her doing it, I'd call the cops...more from a public safety perspective than anything.

There are 100 other people in the world better able to help this guy than your DH.

Nicky said...

Wow, that's incredibly inappropriate. I normally wouldn't want to get involved, but drunk driving is pretty bad, so I might think about getting the police involved, if you can catch her in the act.

Barb said...

completely wacked.

Geohde said...

Um, yep.

What are you guys meant to do to fix it anyways??


Kelly said...

OK, they are weird!!

On another note...move over sister!! I'm joining you in the 1st tri!! I just got my bfp x2 this morning!! YAY:) Were you tossing baby dust at me?? tee hee hee The story is on TTCJSO!

Katie said...

Huh. Yep, weird.

Although maybe he is grasping for straws and is trying for anything that might possibly help. I know I would be out of my mind with worry if my husband did something like that. I don't think I would go get a neighbor, but who knows?