Friday, March 14, 2008

Simply Amazing

Yesterday I had the nuchal translucency screening done, which also represents my last ultrasound until May 15th. 2 months seems a long time to wait after having 4 scans done in that same amount of time. But we're hoping to hear a heartbeat with doppler at my next OB appointment Monday, and I imagine that sound will help get me through the wait.

Anyhow, the ultrasound was simply amazing. Not only did the baby grow tremendously in the last couple of weeks, Spot was now moving around a ton. S/he kept wiggling, flailing around and waving hello. Jeramy said Spot was rockin' out in my belly and suggested placing headphones on my stomach. After all, he had just read a pregnancy magazine in the lobby stating that babies can hear sound from the womb. Yes, reading material in the waiting area was limited...there was not a single car or tattoo magazine to be found.

Here are a couple of the pics:

Is it me or does my child look a bit like an alien?

At least Spot has cute legs.

Now I consider myself to be pretty patient with our health care system, but admittedly this appointment tested that. It took nearly 2 hours. The first half hour was spent in the waiting room. Then we went back for the ultrasound. That took about 30 minutes, but it would have been much shorted if they had not tried to do it externally first. The images of Spot were just not clear enough that way, so in the end the tech resorted to the ever friendly wand. She then went to get the doctor, which too another 20 minutes as I waited half naked on the table. But it turned out that he just wanted to chat in the consult room, so we were taken there and waited another 15 minutes. Then it turned out that the conversation with the physician was completely unnecessary, so it took about 2 minutes. Oh but there was still blood work to do. So I waited 5 minutes for the vampire who poked me 3 times without getting any blood. She kept swearing that my veins were at fault, but I've had blood drawn 4 times in the last 2 months without problems so I have to wonder if it was just her. Anyhow, we decided to have my OB's vampire do the blood draw on Monday at my next appointment. Oh and did I mention all the women working in this clinic appeared to have graduated in 1988 and never gotten over the big hair phase? If you live around the Seattle area, you'd definitely identify them as "Kent" girls. Thankfully this should be the only time in this pregnancy that I need to go to this clinic.

All I can say is that this really does feel real now. The heartbeat was still going strong at 167 bpm and Spot was measuring a couple days ahead at 12w5d, which corresponds with my IUI date. Perhaps I'm being overly optimistic, but this is starting to feel very real me now. I can actually begin to believe that in 6 months we'll be taking home an actual baby. And I can't begin to describe how wonderful of a feeling that is.


Nicky said...

Congrats on a great NT scan! Watching them move around during the "alien" phase is so much fun. Glad that you're starting to relax and have faith in a good outcome. Feels good, don't it? :)

Katarina Jelly Beana said...


I love to see babies in utero looking like they're wearing an iPod. It's got to be great to see it moving and swimming and dancing like that!

Good thoughts for between now and May 15. And high hopes to hear the heartbeat Monday!

Sunny said...

Hooray for a great screening! Sorry for all the trouble at the OB, that would be super annoying. We rented a doppler from, it was $30 per month and definitely worth it. We could hear little Bean's heartbeat every time I was feeling nervous between ultrasounds.

Anonymous said...

Yay! What great news! I'm so happy it all went so well for you guys! I'm also glad to hear you are finally able to feel a bit more comfortable in your pregnancy! I can imagine that making it past this point is a big hurdle!


jenn said...

wow. Amazing! Congrats on starin to relax & feel comfortable- it's funny when you say 6 months it seems so close!

Jennifer said...

Wow - Those pics are amazing!! I've had two u/s so far (had a scare last week w/ some spotting/cramping so I had a second one - everything was just fine), and you're right...seeing that heartbeat makes everything so much more real. Can't wait to hear it next time...I'm sure that will be amazing! Congrats!!

Kelly said...

Those are great pics! Congrats on being in the 2nd trimester now!!! How cool it that?! :)

Katie said...

What a great, happy post! I am so excited for the three of you!

It IS a long wait between that last u/s and the next scan, but in some ways, I feel as if the time has actually gone by faster now that we don't have such frequent appointments. Of course, that gets easier to say now that we are only two weeks away from the next one! ;)

George said...

Congrats on a wonderful scan! Great pics...thanks for sharing! I'm so happy for you and your perfect progress!

The next 2 months will be hard without scans every few weeks like we're used to...I'm dreading that too!

I ordered a rental doppler to help keep my mind at ease from baby beat!

Barb said...

AAAAARGH I hate big hair. GET RID OF IT ALREADY! haha

I also hate how sucky some aspects of our health care system are. But good news all around!

Mazzy said...

Congrats on your great news!!