Thursday, March 27, 2008

I miss ibuprofen

I've had a headache since Tuesday. Not a horrible, migraine or anything. But a low grade, constant headache. I think its hormone related as opposed to the usual tension headache I get, because its in a different place in my head, is an all day thing (as opposed to afternoon thing) and sleep does not relieve it. It pretty much sucks.

Since I didn't have any meetings today, I decided to work from home to see if the more relaxing and quiet environment helps. It has helped in terms of my energy level, but the headache is still there. The nurse said to keep drinking water and take extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours. I'm sure hoping this works.

All of this just really makes me miss my ibuprofen.


Mazzy said...

I miss it, too. My RE has banned it and I feel like I am a living headache lately.
Hope yours goes away soon!

Nicky said...

I hear ya. I miss Advil more than anything else (I do get migraines). I was fine throughout 1st trimester, then started getting headaches several times a week starting in week 13 (something about increased blood volume combined with the hormones). A few remedies to try:

1. neck massage
2. pull lightly on the hair on the top/sides of your head for a few minutes (sounds odd, but it often works)
3. cool washcloth over your eyes

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

i know we shouldn't have much caffeine, but my dr says that some is ok. that said, i read somewhere that taking the extra-strength tylenol w/ a regular coke helps to alleviate the headache. haven't had to try it yet, but if it helps, it might be worth it. hope you feel better!

Barb said...

yuck. I got those headaches when on treatments too. I HATE them. Tylenol sucks for headaches. I feel for ya.

Katie said...

I have also been having second trimester headaches. Mine feel like a vise has gone around my head. I'm with Nicky, having my husband rub my scalp, temples, and neck seems to help.