Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Definitely Fall in Seattle

I was in San Diego for a conference earlier this week, where it was sunny and 80 degrees. My return to Seattle was a shock to the system weather-wise. It seems that fall arrived in full force while I was enjoying the California sunshine. There were certainly signs of fall's impending arrival before I left like the relentless rain, but the temps declined about 10 degrees during my 3-days absence. I don't mind the change of season really...fall brings Halloween, leads to the holidays, gives me the opportunity to light those scrumptious fall-scented candles, and light a warm fire. But it is hard to believe that summer is over.

What I did learn this week is that San Diego is not a very pretty city. It is very desert like and wants for green. I hear that it is much prettier outside of the city, but unfortunately I never got out of Mission Valley. It does help me appreciate Seattle though.

Anyhow no big plans for the weekend. My house is a wreck since Jeramy was left to his own devices during my trip, which translates to no cleaning. So I'll probably spend the bulk of my time trying to rectify that situation and watching the Seahawks game on Sunday.

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Katie said...

I know! Where did FALL go? Seems like we slipped from Indian Summer to full on winter!