Friday, September 28, 2007

Nothing Much Going on These Days

Well I haven't blogged for a while but not because I've been too busy. Rather its because my life has been pretty boring these last couple of weeks. The only real highlight in there was that my ovarian cyst has gone away, so I'm back on the clomid again. Of course when the highlight of your life is getting the opportunity to take a fertility drug with lovely side effects ranging from constant headaches to extreme moodiness perhaps something is a little off kilter.

But of course another highlight was last Friday when we got the refrigerator door replaced to fix the scratch caused by the delivery guys. Unfortunately, the service guy who I think hailed from somewhere in the former Soviet Union region was not up to speed on American personal hygiene and had horrible B.O. I mean it was B.O. so bad that I could hardly stand to be in the kitchen with him and had to air the room out afterwards. And in my rush to get this stinky guy out of my house, I didn't really pay close enough attention to how even the doors were and forgot to mention that the ice maker dispenser was having issues. Jeramy was a bit irritated over my inability to adequately cover the service guy supervisor function, but then again he wasn't there to smell him.

Oh well. At least its Friday. Next week I have a business trip to San Diego to keep me occupied for a few days.

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