Monday, October 22, 2007

Like a kid on Christmas morning

So anybody who knows Jeramy understands just how much he loves his toys. And luckily we are in a place financially where we can afford a lot of toys. So when we got an unexpected settlement for his knee injury last week, that boy immediately began devising plans for what he'd do with that money. Among the purchases made over the weekend were a new quad and motorcycle. You're probably asking yourself why on earth we'd need another quad and another motorcycle. The quad will replace Jeramy's current bike which has been broken and needs to be fixed (which Jeramy can do) and the motorcycle will replace his Kawasaki. We'll sell both of those bikes in the spring when demand will be a little higher.

More on the new motorcycle later. I do have some pictures of the quad though both before and after Jeramy rode it on Sunday. It is a CanAm Renegade 800. He was very particular about which bike he bought because he wanted something two wheel drive that was fast and sporty for riding in the dunes, but he also wanted something with four wheel drive that he could ride for hunting. He was all smiles after riding it on Sunday because it fits both bills very well. Accomodating both is pricier, but he should be able to enjoy this quad for many years, unlike the malfunction-prone Warrior.

Unlike Jeramy, I didn't get to go riding this weekend because I've been laid up with a sinus infection since Thursday. I'm still stuffy today but I've got my energy back and appear to be on the mend. However this meant that I spent my weekend on indoor activities, which was fine by me anyhow. I made progress on the socks and scarf I am mending, I finally sewed a liner in my crocheted purse and I finished piecing together the Christmas stocking I cross-stitched for Jeramy. Here's a pic...I'm so happy it is finally done. It took me nearly 2 years! I got the supplies on Sunday to start my stocking. Hopefully that won't take me another 2 years. (It shouldn't since mine is a sampler rather than an intense scenic pattern like his)

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