Monday, October 29, 2007

Ovarian Cyst, Take 2

I may not be able to grow anything in my garden, but it seems I do have a penchant for growing ovarian cysts. For those of you who have fallen behing on the baby-making efforts in our household, I had a clomid cycle in August which resulted in a cyst that cleared up at the end of September. So October brought another clomid cycle with a little intrauterine insemination added in for good measure. Well it seems that the October cycle has ended in a 2 inch cyst on the left ovary. Well maybe "ended" isn't the right word because this cycle appears determined to last forever. But in any case the result will not be pregnancy, which is the goal after all.

They drew blood at the doctor's office and will call me tomorrow with a game plan. It will likely involve waiting and more ultrasounds to make sure the cyst shrinks. While I'm not thrilled with today's conclusion at least it is a conclusion. Otherwise the combination of no period, negative pregnancy tests and low basal temps would have driven me over the edge. And on the bright side I'm now free to enjoy a beer or glass of wine and all ultrasounds will be covered by insurance until that friendly growth in lefty is gone.


Kelly said...

Awww, sorry to hear that Jen. Dang cysts! Sending you lots of AF vibes.


nancy said...

So that's what? 5~ish cms, right? How big was your last one? It went away on it's own, right? I hope this one goes away just as quickly.

When my largest cysts were present, 9cms, it was still totally gone (shrunk, it didn't burst) within 1 week after the beginning of my next cycle. So even if this one is bigger, I have high hopes that it does go away fast.

I find cysts so amazing, although unwanted. I would see a 22mm follie on cd14 turn into a 9.5 cm cyst only 5 days later. Then 10-14 days after that, it would be gone like it didn't even exist.

Ahhh, the miracles of things that suck. Good luck Jen!!!

Katie said...

I am so sorry. That is just another cherry on the crap sundae that today is turning into. I really hope that things turn better soon. I will be thinking of you.

jennifercarol said...

Nancy - I'm not exactly sure how big the first cyst was, but I do know it was smaller than this one. They seem very confident that this will go away on its own and the last one disappeared within a couple of weeks. But you're is completely off the wall how they can grow so big so fast and then go away completely just as quickly!