Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jeramy's newest toy and Cujo's latest distress

As promised yesterday, here are the pictures of Jeramy's newest motorcycle. It is a Suzuki DualSport 400, and he wanted this bike because it is able to be used both on and off road. Yes he always wants to be able to do everything with one bike, which leaves me wondering why we have so many. As you can see he is quite happy with his newest purchase, as evidenced by a smile rarely captured in photographic form. And yes, I've had a very demanding job as a preacher lately, and if you ever need a rousing lecture on why wheelies are a bad idea then I'm your gal.

Unlike the giddy Jeramy, the other spoiled member of our family, Cujo, was having a more distressful Monday. First, I demanded that he and I go for a walk since we are both so out of shape. While he kept pace with me at the beginning, that energy quickly faded. By the end I was practically dragging the fatigued, panting dog up the hill by our house (and this was not a long walk...maybe 3/4 mile). Afterwards, I vowed to take him on more walks since he obviously needs it, and Cujo resorted to drinking out of mud puddles.

Then, as if the walk wasn't enough for the poor canine, Jeramy's mom Dee came over with his niece Julia. Once the latter familiarized herself with her surroundings, she promptly stole poor Cujo's toys.
Yes, it's a rough life.


Katie said...

Your dog is just precious and so is that sweet lil' girl!

Poltzie said...

too cute!! I wish I had a dog that has less energy then me. I would love to trade you for a wonderful but crazy Dobie anytime!! She is your gal if you need motivation to go for a walk :)

KatieM said...

Ohmygoodness your dog is adorable!!! =)