Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow...suddenly I'm a two rooms clean at a time sort of gal!

As a kid, I was used to a messy house. My mother was wonderful, but she was not a particularly good housekeeper. She did like a clean house but always had difficulty keeping up with it. So instead of keeping the whole house clean, she would often just manage to keep one room of the house clean at a time. Usually it was the living room and that would serve as her sort of sanctuary where she'd spend all her time. And it was pretty easy to forget that the rest of the house looked like a war zone while sitting in the nice and clean living room.

Now I was not a particularly clean child as my bedroom reflected. But once I was an adult with my own place, I vowed to keep my house clean at all times. It couldn't be that hard, right???

It is several years later, and I don't think I've ever been successful in that quest for more than a month at a time. There are lots of reasons for this...I'm too tired after work to clean, Jeramy is a "bit" of a slob, we just keep getting more and more stuff, and after a while it all becomes overwhelming.

Well this last weekend, I managed to make something of a dent in the mess we call home. In fact, I got not one, but two rooms cleaned (kitchen and living room). And not just kind of clean. Really clean. Last night I sat in the living room knitting and admiring the sanctuary I had created. It's amazing the sense of calm you can get from a clean room. Of course that all goes away the second I walk into the bathroom or the bedroom or God forbid one of Jeramy's rooms. But I guess that is what doors are for!


rocket.queen. said...

hahaha. You sound just like me. I've got what I call my "piles". Stacks of stuff I think I need, but I don't know what to do with it.

Haha. I am proud of you, Mrs Clean!

jenn said...

congrats! I grew up with a pack rat & compulsive shopper- clutter was a way of life- so now I actually will get an occasional anxiety attack with too much clutter- I understand the sanctuary very well. I must admit I am not huge on the deep cleaning & scrubbing portion, but I like the feeling afterwards!