Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Good Day Fishing

Jeramy and I headed out to the Puyallup River after work yesterday and managed to spend about 4 hours on the river. We both had a pretty good day, but me especially. The coho salmon (aka silvers) are starting to come up river in greater numbers, and we greatly prefer to catch those over the pink. First I caught a silver that was a nice 7 or 8 pounds. Later I managed to pull in an even bigger one...about 12 pounds. Needless to say, Jeramy was a little jealous. Plus I, being the smack talking fisher-woman that I am, did not hesitate to rub it in. However, while I might have excelled in quality he beat me in quantity with 1 silver and 3 pinks and he threw back a lot more than I did.

Here is a picture of my catch...notice how I can't seem to hold the bigger fish up as high. My arm was getting sore waiting for Jeramy to snap the pictures!

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