Monday, September 10, 2007

A very nice weekend

I have to say that I had a very nice weekend. I think it was good primarily because it was a weekend with the right mixture of activity and relaxation. In terms of activity, we went fishing both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on Saturday evening we went to our friends' son's 4th birthday party. I also managed to have the house in a cleaner state at the end of the weekend than it was at the beginning, which has been a rarity lately! On the relaxation end of things both Saturday and Sunday afternoons were rather leisurely. Sunday afternoon was by the best though because it was the Seahawks season opener (we won!) and while I watched the game (and yelled at the TV set) I helped Jeramy tie up leaders for fishing this week.

It really almost felt like the first weekend of fall, even though the season doesn't officially start for another couple of weeks. The weather is still gorgeous but there is a cold, crisp feel to the air especially in the evening. And it is the time of year that all things fall start to happen...river fishing, football, new TV shows, etc. I'm just now realizing that fall is one of my favorite seasons!

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Katie said...


Thank you for the support over on my site. We might have to find a way to get together in person and share our misery. Do you go to Pacific NW Fertility or Seattle Reproductive? Or another? Anyway, I am glad for the support and look forward to giving you mine. Hopefully, we will be sharing good times soon.