Friday, September 14, 2007

He can't bear to be outdone by me for long

We hit the river last night (surprise, surprise) and Jeramy managed to hook into a very nice Silver. It's even a little bit bigger than the one that I caught last week. Take a look...

I took today off because I felt like I needed a break after the bad news on the ovarian cyst, and Jeramy is working 4 10's right now so he was already off today. Well except that he has to go in at 6pm tonight for a natural gas shut down but whatever. So we went fishing for a little while this morning until it started raining on us, but we just caught a bunch of pinks that we threw back. We've got so many pinks saved up in the freezer now for smoking that there isn't much point in keeping them anymore. But they sure are fun to reel in!

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Katie said...

Good for you for taking a mental health day and spending it with your hubby! I am sorry about your bad news, but you are such a strong person and seem to be handling it so well. I really admire you.