Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vacations and Broken Refrigerators Don't Mix

Well we got home from our vacation to Yellowstone this afternoon and were welcomed by a most un-welcome surprise. Upon entering our house we were greeted by a startling basically smelled like something had died in our house. After plugging our noses and investigating, we discovered that at some point our refrigerated stopped working. It was plugged in and running, but neither the fridge or freezer were cold. Everything went bad, including about 20 lbs of sockeye salmon and a large chunk of halibut. Yuck!!! Too make matters worse, the kitchen floor (which as you know we just replaced) is warped from the water that seaped out of the freezer as it warmed. From our recent re-model we know that there is just particle board under there and not plywood, making the floor a big sponge.

First we got the refrigerator outside and Jeramy donned a gas mask and proceeded to empty out the now warm contents. We called our homeowners insurance and somebody will be out in the morning to start work on fixing this whole mess. In the meantime, the stench (even after having the doors open for a few hours) has driven us back out to the camper.

Anyhow, the trip was a lot of fun and filled with everything from wild animals to a forest fire that forced us to evacuate camp. So as we are getting back to normal over the next few days I'll post some more blogs on all that and put up pictures.

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