Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Am I in Seattle or an Oven???

Yesterday it got up to 89 degrees, and those crazy weather forecasters have predicted anywhere from 95 to 100 degrees today! Right now it is noon and 85 degrees. Now while this may seem cool to some people, keep in mind that I am in Seattle. Anything above 75 degrees is hot to those of us here in Puget Sound. The only thing maintaining my sanity right now, are the air conditioners in our house (remember that few in Seattle have central a/c and a large number have no portable a/c's either). Jeramy framed 2 air conditioners into our sliding glass door for the summer, so we are much cooler this year than last. When I got home yesterday it was a chilly 66 degrees in our cold that the furnace had kicked on as we forgot to turn it off. I am bit worried about the impact of the a/c on our power bill, but at least I'll be nice and cool while I worry.

So you may wonder what we chose to do yesterday in all this heat. Well since the flooring guy came out and gave an estimate for the insurance company, we started installing the kitchen floor...again. Yesterday, we put all of the plywood subflooring down. Knowing the degree of my mechanical aptitude, you may be tempted to laugh at my liberal use of the term "we" here. But I've got to tell you that I possess tremendous skill when it comes to the installation of plywood subfloor. For example, I am quite proficient at:
  • Opening doors so that Jeramy can bring plywood pieces from outside into the kitchen

  • Dusting sawdust off of freshly cut plywood

  • Holding plywood in place as Jeramy cuts them

  • Finding a wide assortment of tools such as tape measures, squares, screws, and drills

  • Standing on pieces of plywood as Jeramy screws them into the ground

  • Noticing problems but failing to mention them until its too late

  • Serving refreshments

Anyhow, I'll leave you with a couple of photographic highlights from yesterday, both of which demonstrate why my home is a marvel to interior decorators far and wide.

My air conditioners...
Our plywood kitchen floor (plywood is seriously the latest trend in flooring, you know)...

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