Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Update on the Refrigerator Fiasco

We've had a busy couple of days trying to fix the whole kitchen refrigerator fiasco. Here's a timeline...

~ Monday morning: A project manager from Service Master (the water clean up company contracted by our insurance) showed up to assess the damage. Shortly after a couple of crew workers showed up. They proceeded to take a lot of pictures and *gulp* rip up all of the flooring that we just put in last month. Below that flooring there was a lot of standing water over the old linoleum tile. The crew workers put down deoderizer and set up heaters/fans, a dehumidifier and monitoring system to get rid of all the water. The downside was that it has been a hot couple of days in Seattle and this helped heat our house to 85 degrees. Also, the project manager took a sample of the linoleum tile that we laid our floor over to a lab, because she thinks it contains asbestos. At this point, here is what the kitchen looks like:

~ Monday late morning/noon: we went to 2 Home Depots yesterday in search of a new refrigerator. $1000 later we have one on order and it is supposed to be delivered on Saturday. I'm pretty excited because it has a titanium finish, which should match the new kitchen very nicely! It's just too bad that we're replacing a refrigerator that was only 5.5 years old.

~ Monday afternoon: get a phone call that the tile does indeed contain asbestos and somebody will have to come out and estimate the cost of its removal. Jeramy also has initial conversations with the adjustor. Cujo and I escape to the camper.

~ Tuesday morning: Jeramy, with a respirator on, digs all of the spoiled salmon out of the garbage and I take a picture, because the adjustor told us that we might be able to get reimbursed for that loss. It was absolutely foul. A couple hours later the garbage man arrives, empties what must be the smelliest garbage cans on earth, and hauls that nasty stuff away.

~ Tuesday all during the 2 o'clock hour: Jeramy is at home while I'm shopping. First (I think) the asbestos guy arrives to estimate the cost of removing the old linoleum. Second, the insurance adjustor arrives to do her thing. Finally the Service Master guys arrive and take away those stupid heaters.

~ Tuesday late afternoon: Last month Jeramy made a framing for our sliding glass door to hold a couple portable air conditioners. We had to remove it to get the smelly, broken refrigerator out of our house. He hadn't put it back yet, since we had to have all of those stupid heaters running. But with them out of the house he was able to put it back up, along with a new portable air conditioner we bought at the same time as the refrigerator. Our house is now several degrees cooler!

Jeramy is hoping to do most of the rest of the work himself to save costs. We are hoping that we might be able to save enough to pay for the deductible and maybe even some of the refrigerator. He is taking Thursday and Friday off, so hopefully we'll reach some sort of state of normalcy by the end of the weekend.

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