Friday, January 29, 2010

Why it is Difficult to Update my Blog

Based on the handful of comments I receive on my posts, I am sure that my adoring readers have been grossly disappointed by the lack of posts lately. And being the people pleaser that I am, it greatly upsets me to fail you all. You see things have just really gotten out of hand for me in the past few weeks, to the point where I'd almost rather hide under my desk at work than venture home at night to yet another chaotic evening.

First I had to stay late at work a couple nights this week. This isn't really out of the ordinary as my schedule with its early to arrive and depart times must often bend to the constraints of pretty much everybody else that I work with. Most of the time it is not a big deal other than needing to drive in rather than catch my vanpool. But with everything else added into my evenings, it has been more stressful.

Then there were the two PT appointments that I needed to fit in this week. I didn't even manage to get a massage scheduled as there were no openings at times that worked for my schedule. Bummer! The PT seemed to be working as my back pain had subsided quite a bit...until Wednesday night.

Jeramy woke up early Wednesday morning with the sore throat from hell. By that afternoon he was a miserable mess with a fever and body aches added into the mix. I picked Jillian up from his mom, fed him dinner, fed us dinner, bathed Jillian, and dressed Jillian in a living room that felt like it was heated to 100 degrees because he had the fire going full blast to help relieve his chills. Then, because he was in no condition to watch the little Miss, I took her to Target and then my knitting group. I had no intention of actually knitting anything but felt the need to get out and socialize. Which I did while chasing Jillian around the frozen yogurt shop where we activity which didn't quite agree with my back.

Then yesterday morning I realized I had left my wallet behind. So I woke the still miserable Jeramy up to borrow his debit card. Luckily a gal in my knitting group had my wallet for me so I made arrangements to pick it up after my late meeting that evening. In the meantime Jeramy went to the doctor and found out that he does not have strep or the flu. They gave him antibiotics and said that if those don't work it could be mono. My God, if he has mono I am going to die. Or worse, I might get mono. Could you imagine third tri and mono? Or what if Jillian gets sick too? She is all about kissing these days and its not like she offers the closed mouth version either. 3rd tri, sick dad, sick mom and sick toddler? It sounds like the makings of a horror movie. Anyhow immediately after getting home in the evening I grabbed Jillian and we went to the drug store to fill his perscription and buy every kind of throat soothing remedy on the planet. After delivering Jeramy with horse sized pills (which must be great with the sore throat) I fed him, fed Jillian, bathed Jillian, dressed Jillian...sound familiar? Then I put her to bed, popped a couple tylenol and lathered my lower back in Ben Gay.

Tonight I have a still sick husband at home and another PT appointment. Which sounds relaxing compared to the weekend errands I need to run and the cleaning that needs to be done. I really want Jeramy to feel better soon. Not because I feel bad for him, but because I feel bad for me. Do I win wife of the year for that statement?


Amanda said...

You win pregnant-wife of the year award for taking care of him. I'm ALL on your side on this one. Very sweet of you to be so good to him...I wouldn't be so nice. ;-) (I hope you're reading my giggles into this.)

I hope you're able to fit a massage in, soon! I also really really hope Jeramy is stingy and doesn't share his cold with any of you!!!!

Heather said...

I hope the meds work and no one else gets sick!!!

Sunny said...

Thanks for making me feel better about being on bedrest and having to eat whole grain bread.

That IS why you posted this, right?

(And so sorry things have been rough lately. Totally sucky!)

Katie said...

Uh, honey, you need to win some sort of award. Seriously, I am EXHAUSTED every time I even read your blog.

Thank you for taking the time and updating us (I get worried when we don't hear anything for a bit), but don't feel any pressure from us. We are here waiting for you WHEN (if) you have the time.

月光族 said...
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s.e. said...

And somehow you are such a kind hearted person to feel guilty enough to post in the middle of your misery.

With out a doubt, you win many awards. You are an amazing employee, mommy and wife!

JamieD said...

Oh, Jen. I feel bad for you, too!!

I hope Jeramy gets to feeling better soon. Not just for the obvious reasons but also so you can get a break as well.

Anonymous said...
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Kelly said...

You totally win the wife of the year! I would be telling Lance to suck it up and take care of DD#1 since I'm taking care of DD#2;) In your shoes...totally NOT preggo over here!!

Hope you all feel better soon! Healthy vibes sent your way:)

jenn said...

I concur with all above! I know the hub is a total baby when sick- so I can't even imagine having to take care of 3- while in pain yourself! Good for you- but I hope he is better soon- and you feel some relief!

Nicky said...

I have been known to give hubby a date by which he MUST be better. "Okay, you're sick, you have until Wednesday. After that, we're ALL acting like you're better. Period." Dayquil is a wonder drug for this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...
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