Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Starts are Tough on a Monday

The new year is supposed to bring fresh starts complete with new years resolutions and such. But it sure is hard to find the motivation for all of that on the first Monday after the holiday. Every person I've spoken to this morning has commented on how hard it is to get back in the groove of work after vacation. So in lieu of anything that would require some sort of effort on my part, I bring you pictures of Jillian. She seems to have no problem keeping her energy level up no matter what the time of year.

Oh and please note that I have not helped her to reach any of the heights shown in the first couple of photos.



jenn said...

I ~love~ that second photo- she looks like the teeniest little girl up there! I think Caiden & her really are about the same size, haha!

Kelly said...

How on earth did Miss J get up there in the 2nds pic? Do not tell me she scaled that rack sitting against the wall??!

Jen said...

Yes she did scale that rickety wire rack! I don't know whether to call her skilled or a dare devil.

Nicky said...

That second photo is awesome. I'm jealous that you're calm enough to take a photo rather than freaking out and returning her to the ground. I never thought I'd be the nervous type, but turns out I am a little bit. I hate going to the park with LL these days because my heart can't take the stress of him climbing all over the place. At least at home there's carpeting and pillows!