Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun Ways to Spend a Holiday

I wish that I could say that I spent my MLK holiday remembering Dr. King and his amazing contributions to the civil rights movement. Instead, I must admit that I took advantage of the fact that I had a day off when many didn't to take care of appointments and errands ranging from physical therapy to grocery shopping to Jillian's 15 month well child visit.

Rather than sleeping in, I decided it would be a great idea to schedule the first PT appointment for my back pain at 7:20am. Jillian woke up just before I left, so at least I departed satisfied with the knowledge that Jeramy had to get up early as well, which is much better than the usual work day when I leave a dark, quiet house at 6am. Upon my arrival at the appointment, I met my sweet, perky PT who pronounced that my hip out of alignment (she had some technical name for it) thanks to Hayden. And to be fair, I should blame Jillian a bit too as the whole back-to-back pregnancies thing likely contributed. My girls are, of course, worth the pain as well as the 2 sessions of PT plus 1 session of massage therapy per week that I am required to squeeze into my evenings for the foreseeable future. Oh and the stretches that I am to do twice a day. Hopefully it all works because at the moment just an hour of housework leaves me propped up in the recliner with my lower back covered in BenGay. And while I love smelling like a Wintergreen lifesaver, my house does not clean itself. And while Jeramy is the busiest unemployed guy I know, he possesses that inherently masculine ability to prioritize just about any project possible over the dreaded duty of cleaning house so it is unlikely that he'll pick up the slack.

Later in the afternoon we had Jillian's 15 month appointment. I haven't actually taken her to the doctor in months since that responsibility usually falls on Jeramy these days. Beforehand he warned me of her typically crazed behavior in the waiting room of chasing her around the waiting room as she tore magazines off of every end table as the doctor ran thirty minutes behind schedule. Honestly, I think he was rather satisfied that finally I'd feel just a little of his pain. Fortunately for me/unfortunately for him, that was not the case. Upon entering Jillian made a beeline for the toys, which kept her happily occupied for the 5 minutes it took for them to call us back. Maybe I'm lucky. Or maybe, that is just the benefit I reap for running 10 minutes late to everything unlike my ever-punctual spouse. Regardless the visit was good and Jillian was almost cooperative at times (thanks mostly to my supply of treats). She got three vaccines, and was still following the same trendlines in terms of her growth:

Height: 31" (50-75th percentile)
Weight: 22.5 lbs (25 - 50th percentile)
Head Circumference: 20" (above 95th percentile)

It seems like this kid snacks constantly so I was rather surprised about the weight. And it is all head and belly these days (she has the most adorable pudgy belly on the planet). I promise more pictures soon.


Sunny said...

You missed the SUPER FUN part of the holiday spent visiting a friend on bedrest who 1) looks like she hasn't seem a brush in weeks and 2) has nothing interesting to say because she is on bedrest.

The cupcakes were awesome, though, thanks. :) DH came home from work and asked jokingly, "So how did you celebrate the holiday and honor MLK?" I was like... ummmm... I ate a cupcake. And it was brown! That counts for something, right??

Glad Jillian's appointment went well, though! Hooray for small blessings.

Kelly said...

You're suppose to rest and relax on a vacation day:/ Not run around doing errands and appointments like a crazy person!!?!

Glad Miss J's appt went well:)

Jen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cupcakes! I didn't mention that part because it actually was fun unlike all those appointments :)

JamieD said...

I hope your PT sessions get you fixed up in no time. I went to PT for about a month for my hip (bursitis) when I was around 20 wks. I was really impressed by how much it helped.

Nicky said...

I don't think I've ever willingly scheduled anything for 7:20am. Ever.

chicklet said...

Just like D - all height and head. Weight, kinda in the middle:-)