Thursday, January 21, 2010


Over a week later, I still have a hard time watching coverage of the earthquake in Haiti without crying. In my last position one of the research clinics I worked with was in Port-au-Prince, and the team there managed one amazing operation considering the conditions in that country. I remember many times trying to import lab equipment from centrifuges to -80 degree freezers into that country and it would take many, many months to get everything through local customs. I was told that bribes were usually necessary to get anything done, but unfortunately that is not an allowable expense on NIH grants. So I can't say that I'm surprised by how slow the response has been to get humanitarian aid to them. The government did not have the infrastructure to support the population's basic needs. A government with most of its buildings collapsed and many officials missing or dead is not going to perform any better.

If you are looking for a place to donate, may I suggest giving to the GHESKIO clinic which is the one I have worked with in the past. Since the earthquake, the clinic has been transformed into a refuge camp and hospital. I know these doctors, nurses, and staff and it is not stretch to say that they are all amazing and this money would not go to waste.


KandiB said...

My nanny did a mission trip to Haiti last year (9 months). She said the same thing...had horrible things to say about their government. I wish aid could get there faster.

Shawna said...

hi jennifer. sorry, tooootally unrelated to this very important post (i couldn't find you on fb). i have your wallet, please see my pm on ravelry. great seeing you and jillian tonight!