Thursday, July 2, 2009

What a Night

I really wish I were a better driver. Remember this back in August when I was like super pregnant? Well somehow I've managed yet again to cause another accident. Why is it that I can be so competent in so many aspects of my life and yet be the shittiest driver I know? This time I tried to switch lanes to get around a stalled bus but did not see a mini-van. I know I looked, but somehow I did not see an entire van. Am I blind or something? The damage was a little worse than last incident; it was enough to report to insurance. Luckily the guy was very nice, we got off the road quickly and no police report was filed so I do not have to worry about a ticket.

While I was upset, I was not nearly as emotional over this accident as the last one. Last time I cried all evening long, but perhaps that was really due to the pregnancy hormones. I'm pissed off at myself, but more than anything I was upset over having to miss my knitting group (that's where I was headed) which I hadn't been to in months and months. I'm in serious need of some kid-free time.

Here is the damage. It is a little difficult to see since the pictures were taken by cell phone. Basically denting and scratching to my front driver's side and his rear passenger side plus scratching on his rim. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that the damage wasn't a lot worse given how I hit him.

The rest of the evening wasn't so great either. Jillian has a bad cold with a cough that has only gotten worse and worse. After reporting the incident to my insurance, Jeramy decided to go to Wal-Mart to buy formula while I put Jillian (who was on her 5th or 6th wind) to sleep. I was successful and put her in the swing so that she'd be upright and sleep better. Well 20 minutes later I heard her crying, and when I went into the room she began coughing and then puking. I got her out of her swing and on to the changing table where she puked even more. Luckily Jeramy arrived home at that very moment, and he helped me get her cleaned up. He then rocked her back to sleep but it took a while as she was coughing a lot and very restless. We think it was just the coughing that caused the puking because she has been fine since then and she has a rather sensitive stomach.

I'm sure today will be better. Wait I'm getting a cavity filled and then watching a friend's 18 month old tonight so that Jeramy could get a guys night out since I was getting my girls night last night (or maybe not).


Sunny said...

A car accident, on your birthday no less!! (Or at least, your birthday "observed.") :)

What a bummer, taking care of that is a real PIA. DH was rear-ended a month ago, and it's annoying me to no end right now. Mainly because I'm leaving it up to him to get it fixed, and well... let's just say we don't share the same sense of urgency on this.

I hope you guys have some fun plans this weekend to relax!

Nicky said...

Glad nobody was hurt, and that the other driver was nice about it. We have dealt with more than our share of these in the last few years, and while they're *always* a pain in the rear, we find that collective attitude is everything.

Hope Jillian feels better soon!

JamieD said...

Yikes! I am so sorry your girls' night out was spoiled by a car accident. Now to be followed by a dentist appointment - what cruel and unusual punishment!!

I hope you get to rescheduled your girls' night soon.

Curt said...

Good thing that no one hurt. Sucks that you had to miss your night out, though. :/ If you start feeling horrible about the accident, just think of how I must have felt to call dad and tell him that I drove his car into a telephone pole and totaled it 5 years ago. :P Stuff happens.

Jennifer said...

Oh no, car accident...thank goodness it wasn't serious...just a fender bender, no one hurt. Still sucks, I know.

Sorry to hear Miss Jillian is sick. Julian got a bad cold the day before we left for Cali and had it our entire trip...he still has a runny/stuffy nose - over a week later. Hope she feels better very soon!!!!