Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seattle, Death Valley Edition

This was the temperature outside per my truck yesterday afternoon. Yes, it is crazy hot here in Seattle. I could fly to Texas and enjoy cooler weather right now. This is absurd. Seattle is known for its rainy weather and moderate temperatures. Hell, we barely know how to function when it is above 80 degrees or below 40. Most people around here do not even own air conditioners. Thankfully, we have portable units in the living room and bedroom making our house quite comfortable. But still, I retain my native right to complain.

The only place where we do not have air conditioning is in my car as it stopped working a couple summers ago and we never bothered fixing it. Luckily, the mechanic declared it unfit to drive this morning when Jeramy took it in for a wheel alignment this morning. It seems that the rack and pinion are quite literally about to fall apart, and unless we enjoy driving a vehicle with no steering it should remain parked until fixed. Jeramy should be able to replace it himself saving us several hundred dollars, but it will take about a week for the part to arrive. So I can drive the air conditioned truck, and we should be able to get by with the motorcycles and friends/family's cars for our second vehicle.

In other breaking news, it seems a tooth or two is emerging from Jillian's bottom gum line. Ironically, she has not been the least bit fussy leaving me with no cause to explain all the episodes of pissiness during the past six months previously blamed on teething. I have not been able to get a very good look at them since she clamps her mouth shut whenever I go to investigate. I can definitely feel them though. Which reminds me, before becoming a mom I never imagined that I would have my finger in a baby's mouth so much. Whether feeling for teeth or fishing out dog food, there seems to be an endless number of previously unforseen reasons for exploring Jillian's oral cavity.

Our weekend was fun with Jeramy's aunt in town, three birthday parties and the Swedish SummeRun 5K walk. Perhaps it was a little too busy though, as I found myself freaking out on Sunday night over the fact that my floors have not been mopped in two weeks leaving Jillian crawling through dust and stuffing crumbs from who knows what into her mouth. Now it's Tuesday, I'll be home late due to a meeting and my floors still are dirty. I need about 8 more hours in each day to get it all done.

Oh well. I'll leave you with photographic evidence of the fun part of the weekend and leave out those of the freaking out part.

Swimming with Kaycie. Cujo thinks the kiddie pool is just an enormous water dish. And honestly with this heat, he needs it.

The SummeRun. Jillian looks horribly uncomfortable in the jogging stroller, but it wasn't that bad I assure you.

Hanging with great-Auntie Em

Why you shouldn't let a 75 lb Bulldog sit on your knitting project.

She climbs anywhere and everywhere these days.


Sunny said...

Yes it is SCORCHING out there!!! We went to a water park today and it was packed. Didn't matter though, because Bean clung to me the ENTIRE time. Even when we were sitting on the blanket eating a snack. I was hot and nasty and NOT feeling it. Fortunately we have AC. Every morning, I say a prayer for the family who lived here before us, who put in air conditioning. God bless them.

Evey enjoys her ginormous water bowl (aka the pool) as well. In fact, it's the same one.

Nicky said...

Do you guys ever giggle about the fact that you have an Auntie Em? I think that every time I saw her, I'd follow it up with "We're not in Kansas anymore." And I'd rename the dog Toto whenever she visited.

I can't believe how much Jillian is climbing and moving! Also, I think that we have the exact same table & chairs, so you have now filled my head with visions of my own little munchkin climbing around on them....

Kelly said...

Yikes!!! That is way too hot. We get that kinda weather occasionally but not this summer. Yay! Thanks for taking the crap weather!

JamieD said...

I'm so, so sorry our heat dome has moved to Seattle! I never thought I would be thrilled with a temp of 90, but it is a 16 degree drop in what we've been having.

I hope your heat dome moves soon!

Barb said...

YES! I just heard about that on the news! I can't believe how hot it is there!

And that yarn looks gorgeous. It makes me pine. I haven't knitted in so long. Too many other things to do.